A light in the darkness

Texture by Kim Klassen; Way, 100% multiply Faith shines brightest in the dark. ~Unknown It's no secret we all have dark days. Days, weeks and even months of disappointments, frustration and broken dreams. Why are some people able to shine through the darkness while others get consumed by the black abyss? Truly, it's a question … Continue reading A light in the darkness

I is for Israel (Jacob)

Family dysfunction at its finest. That's what we find with the grandson of Abraham. Jacob, the great patriarch of the Old Testament, was the son of Isaac and fraternal twin brother to Esau. And that's where our story begins. Jacob is a mama's boy. When his older, stronger and much bigger brother, Esau, straps on … Continue reading I is for Israel (Jacob)

A caterpillar lesson

Our Quotography prompt this week is Butterfly...which have been scarce in my yard this summer. I did find a shot in my archives from this past Spring. And the quote has always been one of my favorites. Probably because I've been that caterpillar numerous times in my life. Linking up with Quo­tog­raphy