Awww Monday: 8 month smiles

You may remember back in December when I shared photos I took of my BFF's first grandbabykin. What? You missed it? Well, check them out HERE. I also was honored to take her 3 month photos as well. They are HERE. Well, that little grand girl is now 8 months old and I got to … Continue reading Awww Monday: 8 month smiles

Thankful Thursday: Dog poop

Yes, you read the title correctly. And here's why...... On second thought, I think I'll let Cabo tell you the story. _____ Ummm.....yeah.....well, Mom and  Dad went on  a mini vacay and I was left to protect the yard until the house sitter came. And, well, you see.....there are squirrels everywhere in my yard. And, … Continue reading Thankful Thursday: Dog poop

August Photo Challenge: Photographer’s Choice

August is over? Really? Wow. And with that thought, it must be time for PJ's monthly photo challenge. August was Photographer's Choice. Which is a synonym for Anything Goes. This usually results in an eclectic collection of photos and interesting commentary. August was (thankfully) easy for me. Seems like I was always on the back end … Continue reading August Photo Challenge: Photographer’s Choice

Awwww Monday

May is only half finished and it seems like Spring lasted all of about 5 minutes. Now....judging by the Doodle's response to the's on to summer. He remembers how nice the AC vent feels on these hot days. Annie's Sparks is on hiatus for a while, but Sandee's Awww Mondays are still kickin' it every … Continue reading Awwww Monday