Thankful Thursday in a pandemic

Finding things to be thankful for in the middle of a pandemic might sound a bit odd. But, if we don't, we'll all descend into the depths of depression and become basket cases of anxiety. So, let's look at a few things we can be thankful for in order to keep things in perspective. The … Continue reading Thankful Thursday in a pandemic

Lessons from a canyon

As so often is the case, nature teaches us valuable lessons about ourselves and life. When I witness the awesomeness of nature....from grand to minuscule, I seem to always look for how this impacts my life. And, I cannot look at anything in nature and not see the Creator's hand at work. Recently, Entrepreneur and … Continue reading Lessons from a canyon

Thankful Thursday

Trying out a new blog hop today called Thankful Thursday. I probably need this hop to actively remind myself to look for the positive things in life since so much of my last few months have been spent in the company of anxiousness, stressfulness, irritation and frustration. They are really not good company and even … Continue reading Thankful Thursday