It has begun…again

I filled the bird feeders last weekend and noticed an immediate increase in activity. Sunday was a feeding frenzy. I said to Entrepreneur, you’d think snow was coming the way they’re gorging themselves.

I guess the birds are smarter than the rest of us! Because this is what we woke up to this morning.

While not exactly Snowmageddon, this morning’s snowfall did catch many people off guard on their way to work. Highways, main roads and side streets were backed up for miles and many found themselves sideways in the roads and intersections. Of course, 90% of it was that people just forgot how to drive in the snow over the past 7 months. How you live in the Midwest and forget how to drive in ice and show is beyond me.

It was only half an inch. It could be a very. long. winter.


But enough of the cold stuff. Here’s a little bit of drama…backyard style.

If I just sit here real still, maybe no one will notice me.

Don’t even think about it, Squirrel. You’ll be sorry.

Moie? Surely I don’t know to what you are referring.

Uh Oh. There he goes again. I hope he leaves some for me.

Now where is that @#$% dog? He almost got my tail last time he escaped the confines of the house.

Are you just going to sit there pointing that thing at me all day? Do something about him!

I better eat fast. If the Cardinal has his way, Squirrel may look for an alternate snack station.

He better not come over here. I might have to peck a few holes in his hide.

I chased Squirrel off the feeder four times during the afternoon. Sigh….guess I’ll just have to keep everyone well-supplied with sunflower chips.




5 thoughts on “It has begun…again

  1. Love the photos! We went through several hanging feeders before I found some that the squirrels wouldn’t chew through. For awhile, I thought it was a war I’d never win.


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