Photo Challenge: Your World

PJ's prompt for April is Your World. It goes without saying everyone's world has been turned upside-down with COVID-19. Perhaps we all were in need of a hard reset for life. It certainly has provided opportunities to look inward at ourselves as well as focusing on priorities closer to home. But, my heart really goes … Continue reading Photo Challenge: Your World

Thankful Thursday in a pandemic

Finding things to be thankful for in the middle of a pandemic might sound a bit odd. But, if we don't, we'll all descend into the depths of depression and become basket cases of anxiety. So, let's look at a few things we can be thankful for in order to keep things in perspective. The … Continue reading Thankful Thursday in a pandemic

March Photo Challenge: Seven

I've missed some photo challenges but vow to get back into the swing of things beginning this month. PJ's theme for March was Seven.....commemorating his seven year anniversary of hosting this photo challenge. Seven just happens to be my all-time favorite number. Biblically, it symbolizes completeness or perfection. Whether you read Genesis literally or metaphorically, … Continue reading March Photo Challenge: Seven

Vitamin Sea

Looking at the ocean and watching the ebb and flow of the tide creates a sense of calm amidst the storms in my life. The vastness of the sea humbles and reminds me I'm part of a much larger story. And, that it's pointless to be anxious about things out of my control. Looking out … Continue reading Vitamin Sea