Thankful Thursday: End of summer

Here is is mid September and, while I'm happy to look forward to Autumn, there's always a bit of angst over leaving summer behind. As the calendar pages turn, I'm reminded of all the things in which I am grateful. My family, my health and people I can turn to for spiritual and emotional support … Continue reading Thankful Thursday: End of summer

40 is a gift

Back in November of 2014, after Entrepreneur was diagnosed with renal cell cancer, doctors told us the average life expectancy was five years after diagnosis. After his brain surgery to remove a renal cell-related cancer tumor in 2017, I remember thinking if we could just get to our 38-year anniversary, I'd be happy; 39 would … Continue reading 40 is a gift

Judged by our worst

So this is where we are now? We're all to be judged by the worst thing we've ever done, said or thought. It doesn't matter our good deeds, intentions or accomplishments....oh no....the things we've done that others considered wrong should determine our legacy and cancel out everything else. Are we really prepared to take this … Continue reading Judged by our worst