Humanity. May it Rest in Peace

Where has our humanity gone? It's become painfully obvious our culture does not value that same things it used to only a decade or so ago. With the absence of civil discourse in our cultures today, it seems many people are opting out of the essence of being human....and humane. And no one particular subsegment … Continue reading Humanity. May it Rest in Peace

Awww Monday: Karma

Hey all, Cabo here. Mom posted a shot of me cornering the feline fur baby in the shower last week or so. Personally, I thought it was a brilliant move. She eventually escaped when I got a little distracted. And then......where did I find her? She had commandeered my bed and was laying in a … Continue reading Awww Monday: Karma

Vitamin Sea

Looking at the ocean and watching the ebb and flow of the tide creates a sense of calm amidst the storms in my life. The vastness of the sea humbles and reminds me I'm part of a much larger story. And, that it's pointless to be anxious about things out of my control. Looking out … Continue reading Vitamin Sea

Wordless Wednesday sunrise

Some of you realize what an accomplishment it is for me to capture a sunrise while on vacay. Mercifully, the clouds on the horizon gave me about 20 extra minutes. More words tomorrow. Linking up with Wordless Wednesday over at Comedy Plus.