Hello Winter

Brian over at Brian's Home hosts Thankful Thursday every week. Coming off the "thankful month" of November, I'm trying to look past all the things about life right now causing me to feel down during this holiday season. So, this photo was an exercise in gratitude for winter. Those of you who know me know … Continue reading Hello Winter

Fall Feast for the eyes

It's been way too long since I've sat at this keyboard for anything other than work. October 2021 was a month I'd like to forget as it began with Entrepreneur's dad being admitted to the hospital ICU with Covid. And it ended with his funeral. That may be another post...I'm not sure yet. The emotions … Continue reading Fall Feast for the eyes

A Spring Stroll

We made it! The northern hemisphere survived winter and the reward is a spring more beautiful than I can recently remember. As I walk around my yard and as Cabo and I walk the neighborhood, signs of new life are everywhere. I love photography, that goes without saying. But I also love words. To combine … Continue reading A Spring Stroll