Bloom Where You're Planted

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Bloom where you’re planted.
~commonly attributed to Mary Engelbreit

In other words, succeed in spite of your circumstances. Make the best of whatever situation you’re in and “bloom” your little heart out.

But it’s not that easy, is it?

Just as in nature, people don’t always bloom where they’re “planted.” Oh sure, some people are like weeds and can grow successfully anywhere they land. But most of us are not that resilient.

Most of us need the garden prep that comes along with nurturing full potential. And knowing what plants grow in specific conditions is helpful. Just as you wouldn’t grow impatient flowers in full sun on the west side of a house, you wouldn’t necessarily expect a person “planted” in an equally hostile environment to grow and develop into anything beautiful. Sure, anything is possible, but it’s not probable.

Successful people need some garden prep to produce and live up to their potential. Consider every one of us a seedling. When we’re planted in rich soil, watered and put in the right kind of light, we grow. When we’re protected from harsh elements, we grow…most of the time into healthy little plants that can be transplanted successfully, and have a better chance of survival when less than perfect weather arises.

So what does that look like in our lives?

Security and Stability
Who among us can honestly say they love instability? The truth is we don’t thrive when our environment is unstable. As children, we crave the security of a nurturing, stable family, and the feeling that the people in our lives will always be there to care for us.

Permission to Explore
Have you ever noticed how some infants crawl all over the place while others cling to mom or dad? The ones who explore seem to know they can take risks, knowing they have secure home base in which to return. The timid ones aren’t sure whether it’s safe to venture out or not; unsure there will be someone there to attend to their needs if they get in trouble.

Healthy Living
Strong, healthy bodies tend to be more resilient, physically as well as psychologically. When our bodies are given healthy food and proper medical preventative measures, we’re better equipped to handle the challenges of living in a dirty world. Clean air, water and sunshine enhance healthy living just like it enhances plant growth.

Coping Skills
Since life is not always a bed of roses, it’s best if we are taught how to cope with the thorns. It’s necessary we learn that effort and motivation is needed in order for us to achieve goals. But we all need to first be taught confidence that our goals can be achieved. And that happens at a very early age. Problem-solving skills help ensure we won’t crumble under pressure and can accept and learn from set-backs while reaching for our goals. And along with coping skills is the ability to lose as well as win gracefully.

All of the above garden prep is great, but there’s one more that helps ensure we grow into beautiful beings. And that is a realization that we’re all connected.  Showing empathy, sympathy, genuine concern and love for living things is part of what makes us human. Knowing our place in God’s plan can provide strength and resilience beyond measure. Think of it as the fertilizer that allows us to bloom as beautifully as possible.

May you all be planted and bloom beautifully.

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8 thoughts on “Bloom Where You're Planted

  1. Outstanding post, Lisa!

    “In other words, suc­ceed in spite of your cir­cum­stances. Make the best of what­ever sit­u­a­tion you’re in and “bloom” your little heart out.”

    You are so right! And it’s so ironic you posted this because a few days I ago, I read a post on one my other blogging friends blog, and she wrote about the same topic.

    For me, I feel that my spiritual beliefs are what keep me the most grounded in making the best of every situation I encounter. Because I don’t always know WHY I experience things, but having faith and trusting in the BIGGER picture gives me great comfort; knowing that there is purpose to whatever I experience.



    • Because I don’t always know WHY I expe­ri­ence things, but having faith and trusting in the BIGGER pic­ture gives me great com­fort; knowing that there is pur­pose to what­ever I experience. Amen to that!


  2. Lisa, I truly do hope you are keeping books of your posts somewhere other than here.
    You are such an amazing writer, and you always, always make me think.
    Thank you for that!


    • Thank you! I’m not keeping other copies as I just type as my muse moves me most of the time! But you’ve started me thinking…….:-)


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