Spring Spark

Texture by Lisa Gordon, Soft Summer 1; 60% soft light

Begin today. Declare out loud to the universe
that you are willing to let go of struggle
and eager to learn through joy. 

~Sarah Ban Breathnach

A sweet friend gave me these purple daisies. Little rays of lavender sunshine to help brighten up the dreariness of winter, which seems to be over-staying its welcome. We all need friends who are wiling to be rays of sunshine when our world becomes cloudy and overcast.

Blog hopping today with Annie’s Sparks and Sandee’s Awww…..Mondays. Won’t you join us and be lights in this world helping to spread positive energy?


10 thoughts on “Spring Spark

  1. I need Joy right not with the winter just hanging on. Actually, it hasn’t been that bad really compared to other years, but I’m just so ready for Spring. I feel better in sunshine. Great quote and love the flowers and the color. Happy Tuesday. You my dear with your blog are a Spark of inspiration with all that you post. ~hugs ‘n giggles~

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  2. Lisa, I absolutely love the quote you chose for this Spark! In fact, I read it twice! And how true it is!

    How thoughtful of your friend who gave you the beautiful flowers. Don’t just love daisies? They are such a happy and cheerful looking flower!

    Great photo too!

    Have a fantastic rest of your week, my friend!

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