BeautiFALL Part 1

Looks like Autumn is coming a little earlier this year even though temps are in the mid 80sF today. The trees seem to be turning sooner and peak may be close. I love Autumn, but like it when the trees hold on to their leaves and peak around the end of October so “brown season” isn’t so long.

But, I’ll take what I can get, especially this year, and be thankful for nature’s show. The hummers are officially gone and, as I sit on the patio, a sense of complete calm comes over me as I watch the leaves flutter to the ground. It’s mesmerizing and therapeutic…especially this year. This is therapy for me as my heart has been increasingly anxious lately.

So, welcome to my therapist sessions.

My mums came from a sheltered workshop nursery called Giving Gardens and have been spectacular this year. I like shopping at this nursery because it provides meaningful work for people with disabilities, and has done so for forty years. Plants are a bit more expensive than at the big box retail nursery departments, but well worth the extra cost.

Our burning bushes are a little behind some of the others I’ve seen. But, I’m sure they will not disappoint. Can you tell I like red?

And now we get to the Grand Dame of maple trees. This one is probably about 100 years old and graces the front yard of Entrepreneur’s parent’s home. There is literally three or four different colors in this tree, depending on where you stand under it.

You can see the scale of the tree by looking at the house on the other side of the street and the flagpole on the left. Truly a spectacular showing of Autumn’s splendor.

These are all cultivated examples of Autumn in middle Missouri. In my next therapy session, I’ll show you some of the more untamed areas in my world.

Notice that autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.
~Friedrich Nietzsche

8 thoughts on “BeautiFALL Part 1

  1. “…a sense of complete calm comes over me as I watch the leaves flutter to the ground.”

    Me too, Lisa! In fact, two days ago I took a long walk through several of our city parks and felt so relaxed, calm, and at peace. It actually brought tears to my eyes because I felt so grateful for my ability to “see” everything around me and enjoy my favorite season. You’re right, it’s like therapy! 🙂

    GLORIOUS photographs! Love the colors you captured!

    We’ve had pretty much the same “Autumn Look” here. The trees have (partially) started turning early. I’m hoping for a few good cold snaps so that we get a big burst of color.

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of this wonder season, my friend!

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