Z is for Zacharias

You're joking, right? Says Zacharias with a hearty laugh. Now, you may think he is responding to a joke….but it's anything but a joke. Zacharias is one of the temple priests in Jerusalem. As one of 7,000 priests, he travels to Jerusalem a few times a year and takes his turn living in the temple, carrying out his priestly duties. One day, … Continue reading Z is for Zacharias

Y is for YOU!

In the beginning….God spoke to mankind. He used the pronoun YOU in his first communication with his human creation. He made it personal. So sets the tone for how the relationship between God and us is suppose to be. Personal. Likewise, the New Testament ends with mankind's communication with God with the plea, Amen. Come Lord Jesus. Between … Continue reading Y is for YOU!

X is for eXpectations

You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. ~Matthew 5:48 (Jesus Christ in the Sermon on the Mount) Whoa. Whaaaat? We're eXpected to be perfect?  With eXpectations like that, no wonder people take issue with Christianity. So what exactly does God expect from us? Since he is a holy, perfect God, imperfection cannot … Continue reading X is for eXpectations