June Photo Challenge: Notebook

PJ's prompt for June was The Notebook. Ideas didn't come easily for me this month. Probably, because I don't really use notebooks much anymore. And, I could only come up with four ideas instead of the suggested five. Notebooks do come in many forms as a way to record thoughts or organize information. I remember … Continue reading June Photo Challenge: Notebook

May Photo Challenge: Keeping Busy

Holy cow....it's been a month already? May is always May-hem in my world and no quarantine is ever going to change that. PJ's theme for May was Keeping Busy since we were all suppose to be locked down, staying safe from COVID-19. Keeping busy is never really a problem for me. I stepped back into … Continue reading May Photo Challenge: Keeping Busy

March Photo Challenge: Seven

I've missed some photo challenges but vow to get back into the swing of things beginning this month. PJ's theme for March was Seven.....commemorating his seven year anniversary of hosting this photo challenge. Seven just happens to be my all-time favorite number. Biblically, it symbolizes completeness or perfection. Whether you read Genesis literally or metaphorically, … Continue reading March Photo Challenge: Seven