Death of Common Sense

Are you with me on this one? Doesn’t it seem like we’ve said RIP to common sense in many areas of life?

Take, for example:

Lemonade stands
Yes, that harmless childhood activity of trying to earn summer money is, evidently, illegal in some parts of the country. Midland, GA is one of those areas. The local law enforcement shut down the stand because the girls didn’t have a peddler’s permit/food license. Seriously? The permit costs $50 a day. They only wanted to make enough money to go to the nearby water park. “We were not aware of how the lemonade was made, who made the lemonade, of what the lemonade was made with, so we acted accordingly by city ordinance,” Chief Morningstar said. The point of having a lemonade stand is for children to learn responsibility and how to handle money. I think all they learned was how government can interfere with entrepreneurship. What’s next? Lawn mowing? Babysitting? Garage sales? Ridiculous.

Get off the bus
A Long Island school bus driver was fired for rescuing 3 stranded police officers during a storm and transporting them to safety on the bus. A fast-moving, dangerous storm moved through the New Hyde Park area, quickly submerging cars and panicking drivers. Even though it’s company policy to not allow non-students on the bus, he made the decision to rescue three law enforcement officers who were calling for help. And he was fired for this. Felony stupid for sure.

Let’s send money to China
Our National Institutes of Health has spent $90 million of our taxpayer money for programs in China. Really? Really. Seventeen million went to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention for a study on using “microbicides” to combat STDs in Chinese prostitutes…in China. More than 3 million went for tuberculosis and HIV training…in China. More than $65,000 went for a grant to write a book about public health education for Chinese people…in China. The NIH is funding acupuncture research for a Chinese researcher…in China. Over the past 5 years, the NIH has funded more than 2 million dollars for research into a vaccine for Schistosomiasis, a parasite-spread infection that’s common in China. The disease is easily treatable with common antibiotics. For five years, $17 million was provided for the study of AIDS and HIV in Kaiyuan County, Yunnan Province, China. I’d say if we need budget cuts, the NIH China programs would be an excellent place to start.

Alert! Geriatric terrorists!
It seems the TSA sinks to new lows in common sense on a daily basis. In what parallel universe is it okay to demand that a terminally ill, 95-year-old woman in a wheelchair remove her Depends? Especially when she doesn’t have a spare? Evidently human dignity doesn’t fly with the TSA. On the other end of the age scale, raise your hand if you think it’s appropriate for a 6-year-old girl to get patted down causing her to break down in tears afterwards for thinking she did something wrong? Doesn’t running hands up and down inner thighs, across the chest, over the bottom and along pant lines contradict what we tell our kids about protecting themselves by not letting people touch them in certain places? Kansas City International thinks it’s okay to pat down an 8-month old infant. The Chattanooga Tennessee airport thinks it’s completely appropriate to pat down a hysterical 3 year old screaming “Don’t touch me.” Yep, by all means, keep us safe from those 3-year-old terrorists.

Yes, common sense seems to be dead. Resting in peace? Doubtful.


6 thoughts on “Death of Common Sense

  1. As insane as these all are, the only one that makes some form of sense is the last one. Horrific? Yes. Unbelievable that a maniacal parent would hide things on a child? No.

    There has got to be a better way to handle these airport situations. Traumatizing and mortifying the least capable among us is surely not the way.


  2. Right – right and right! Let the Chinese take care of their own hookers. We buy enough of their products they can afford it. We have children and senior citizens in this country who are hungry altho for a little excitment they could try to board a plane.

    It seems very few can see the forest – they are too darn busy focusing on their own tree. We create foods with artificial chemicals, add artificial sweetners to vegetable soup and prosecute children for selling lemonaide. What is wrong with this picture? Great post!


  3. Huh.

    I wonder if Chinese children are allowed to operate lemonade stands, look up to bus drivers who save lives, and aren’t required to be patted down in airports…

    Sometimes I think we’re all living in a parallel universe. You know. Rod Serling will appear at any time and tell us we are now returned to control of our viewing experience…


  4. We have always gone to extremes, or at least that’s how it seems to me. Whatever the current “thing” is – child abuse, terrorism – whatever. We have to build it up until we see it everywhere. But things like the lemonade stand and the bus driver – is that brain washing? Is that like our tech support call people? If the response or action is written down, all that can be done is to follow the written word. You’re right – common sense and independent reasoning has been left behind somewhere. Sadness.


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