Quotography: Sunrises and Sunsets

May you have just enough cloud in your life
to create glorious sunsets.

Finally! My favorite topic! If there’s one thing in my files that I have plenty of…besides pics of Peanut…it’s sunsets. This one is, amazingly, not a Caribbean sunset. It was taken in off the end of a pier on the St. John’s river in Florida.

I like the innuendo behind the quote. If your life is nothing but clear, blue skies 24-7-365, you can’t really appreciate how much you’ve been blessed.  But let the few clouds roll in, perhaps an impressive storm or two…and all of a sudden everything gets put into perspective…quickly. And, all of a sudden, we appreciate more what we took for granted when our skies were clear.

Have you ever noticed the most stunning sunsets are those that have clouds in the sky? When we see the sun break through the clouds, it brightens our attitude and lifts our spirits. When we find a way to shine through the clouds in our life, the result can be just as glorious.

What are you taking for granted in your life right now?
Have you weathered storms that caused life to be better when they cleared?
What are the clouds in your life that could make your sunset more appreciated?

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13 thoughts on “Quotography: Sunrises and Sunsets

  1. Beautiful quote and gorgeous sunset. The storms right now are overwhelming. I know the lessons I’m supposed to be learning but right now it hurts too much to appreciate them.


  2. Fiddler always comes to my mind with sunrises and sunsets too. As do silver linings with clouds. The sun rises on a new day filled with hope, the sun sets on that day allowing quiet time and peace, the silver linings add beauty to both. And we are blessed to enjoy each and every one of them. Through good times and bad.


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