Project 64: Orchid

Normally I would have balked at this color in the middle of winter…but not this time! Earlier in February, Entrepreneur and I met Army Wife and Peanut in Cancun, Mexico for some much needed R&R. Although there’s a little bit of a disconnect between R&R and a 3-year-old, we did squeeze in some chillaxin’ time while entertaining Peanut and her fascination with sand and surf. But I’d trade vegetating on a lounge chair for this expression of pure joy anytime. And if you can tear yourself away from her expression, you’ll notice the orchid color in her swim suit. 🙂

Can you believe it’s Week 56 and we’re almost finished with Project 64? It’s been quite the journey. The scavenger hunt for colors each week has really improved my observation skills!

Sub­mitted for Project 64: Out of the Box
To see my Crayon Col­lec­tion so far, click HERE


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