Is it Spring when temps are 85 degrees?

The rest of the week promises to be more seasonal with temps in the 60s here in Middle Missouri. I have to say, temps upwards of 90 degrees in March and April are tooooo hot. While Entrepreneur is loving it, I really like that slow ease into the humidity of summer.

Since Spring came so early this year, most of the blossoms have now been blown away. Here’s some remnants before the winds got a hold of them. These are for Carol over at Wanderings of an Elusive Mind because she has yet to enjoy Spring in her (northern) neck of the woods!

I heart Spring. Can you see it?

Yes, I looked incredibly funny on the ground trying to get behind this one.

Oh, you knew a color palette was coming. Which room should this be?

And then, there’s times when I’m awfully thankful I have a zoom lens. Contrary to what it looks like, this is not a bumblebee. It’s a carpenter bee and not very aggressive. We’ve had one patrolling the front door for about 5 years. They aren’t very good watchdogs for trespassers.


Come to think of it, neither is this….unless you’re a squirrel or a deer.

Happy Spring to all of you!


4 thoughts on “Is it Spring when temps are 85 degrees?

  1. And I could ask, is it spring when the temperature is 40? I think not. Which makes your gift of spring flowers even more special – thank you! I was trying to pick a favorite photo, and it ended up that they are all my favorite. As to Tanner being a watchdog – I think mine are that in that they watch for things coming into our yard, the driveway or near the yard. Then they sound the alarm, tails wagging ferociously because surely those visitors are here to play with them!


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