Kindergarten milestone

Yesterday I shared a photo of Peanut’s first day of kindergarten. The day began wonderfully with Peanut getting up and dressed all by herself! Breakfast was eaten, hair was brushed, teeth were brushed (no small accomplishment), lunch packed and we still had time for photos…which I’ll share in a moment.

This morning, Peanut decides she already knows everything there is to learn in kindergarten and she doesn’t need to go back.

{Sigh} It might be a long semester.

But the first day was very exciting. Here are a few shots to share with you all of the milestone morning.

First, I want to share the *then and now* shot of Mama and Peanut, side by side.

First day Kindergarten 1990-2014-72

And now, here’s a recap of our memorable morning.

Kindergarten Peanut stats

Peanut K 1Peanut K 2

The walk of anticipation.
Peanut K 3

Her very own backpack hook is discovered with great approval.
Peanut K 6

One last hug.
Peanut K 4

I feel very blessed to have been a part of such a milestone. It brought back so many memories of my own kidlets’ first day of school…memories that exist primarily in my mind’s album since actual photos are a bit lacking. But thanks to today’s technology and digital cameras, capturing these special moments and sharing them is so much easier that it was twenty-some years ago!


9 thoughts on “Kindergarten milestone

  1. Great photos and so true on the digital age. I don’t have any of the days of dropping my kids for first days, etc. Just wasn’t the norm back then even with film cameras or at least in my world it wasn’t. I remember when the grandson started a couple years ago, after the first day it was apparent he didn’t realize he had to return day after day. He thought it was only a one day excursion, I guess. Adorable pictures. Love the one of her walking with mama.


  2. Having been my niece’s surrogate mother when my sister passed, I am thoroughly enjoying your post of the memories you will always be blessed with of this special time in her and your lives, Lisa.

    You both seem to have such a special connection which will remain with you both, forever!

    Especially lovely post, Lisa :))


  3. My daughter had the same attitude on the second day!!!
    In reality, it was a real rough few days, probably more so on me than she, but things worked themselves out, as they always seem to do.

    You are so fortunate to have her, and she to have you!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my friend! xo.


  4. Precious post, Lisa!

    “The walk of antic­i­pa­tion.”

    Yes, I can actually remember feeling that anticipation myself as a child on my first day of school.

    Stellar photos! I especially loved the one of Mama and Peanut side by side.

    Have a super weekend, my friend!

    P.S. Sorry to have missed your last two post, but I’m still not getting updates. However, I signed up to receive them via email, so hopefully now I won’t miss any.


  5. So precious! My “baby” just headed back to college. I won’t say I remember those kindergarten days like they were yesterday, but I remember them pretty well.

    Peanut’s commentary on Day 2 cracks me up… They certainly keep their parents guessing, don’t they? (And grandparents, too.)



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