April Photo Blogging Challenge

photo blog challenge

The year is marching along and here it is already the end of April. And that means it’s time for PJ’s photo challenge. This month’s prompt was Family and Friends. With Easter falling within the first week, there was no shortage of family shots from which to choose. So, unlike past months, this time I’m going to be very predictable in my interpretation of the theme,,,,and it’s heavy on the under three-foot tall crowd.

1. Easter finery. A rare shot of Peanut and Twix, in the same place, at the same time….with relatively pleasant expressions…at the same time. This was before Easter Sunday worship. And before the chocolate candy sugar high deluge that followed.
Peanut-Twix Easter 2015

2. Egg hunts and bunny ears. After church we headed to Entrepreneur’s parents’ house for the obligatory egg hunt. And here’s Peanut rounding the bend and coming down the home stretch.
Peanut egg hunt
And one more of The Investigator sporting some fine bunny ears while helping Twix navigate her basket of goodies.
twix Easter basket

3. A girl and her dog. Tanner has always been a patient pupper. I can’t tell you how many times Peanut has crawled over and sat on him since she was 6 months old..and he doesn’t mind a bit. Golden Retrievers….best. breed. ever. for a family dog.
Peanut and tanner 2015

4. One year and counting. Twix turned one in February and it’s amazing what she has accomplished just in the last two months. She is walking and talking nonstop. Most of the time she is a happy baby…except when she’s teething…or overly tired….or told she can’t go somewhere….or you take something away from her….or she realizes she is by herself…. No, really, she’s a happy baby!
Twix 2015

5. Everyday moments. With Entrepreneur’s recent cancer scare, I’m more observant about these mundane, everyday snapshots of life. What might look like a nothing-special shot of him walking with Twix in the yard takes on an entirely new meaning now. I can keep these images in my mind’s eye, but be certain I’ll be looking to capture them digitally whenever possible (thank goodness for camera phones).

papa and twix

So, that’s my five for April. Be sure to make your way over to a ‘lil hooha and see what family and friend memories the rest of us shared.

11 thoughts on “April Photo Blogging Challenge

  1. Such beautiful and heartwarming photographs, Lisa! The first one of Twix and Peanut is so precious. LOVE their Easter dresses! Great capture of Entrepreneur and Twix.

    “Golden Retrievers….best. breed. ever. for a family dog.”

    I agree! They are the most lovable dogs!

    Thanks for sharing and have a great rest of your week, my friend. I know, can you believe that tomorrow is the first day of May!?


  2. This is one of those, “DAMMIT! You made me cry” posts! Ha ha! These are all stunning. Beautiful photos and beautiful family. My two favorites are the running Easter egg hunt one and the dog one. LOVE LOVE


  3. These photos are so precious! Way to capture some great moments in a very story-like manner. The photo of the girl and the dog is so full of emotions from BOTH of them 🙂


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