Quotography: Story

Quotography-story 72

As the leaves change, so do we. A new year. New goals.
While the old ones are blown away with the wind.

Over at the road goes ever on, Kelley’s Quotography prompt this week is story. Her take on it is really humorous and unique, and I encourage you to pop over to see her today. My take on the prompt is a bit different.

Sometimes I look at Autumn as more of a new beginning…more so than the traditional “new year.” It’s a time to slow down and regroup; a time to reassess life and the direction it’s going. When I walked back from the corner after Peanut got on the  school bus, the frost on the grass was a reminder that the seasons are turning once again. Gone are the sultry colors of October. The November winds are strippping what’s left of the leaves from the trees, and they fall like rain onto the ground. Times, they are a changin’. And with that, life stories are changing and new ones are beginning to unfold.

We’ve closed the book on the stories of the past few winters, springs and summers. And with that closure, it’s time to shelve the old books and write new ones….stories with new goals; new hopes; new dreams.

So let the Autumn winds blow away the past. Let the frost on the fallen leaves and grass remind us that nothing lasts forever. And we should get busy writing the new stories of our lives. Stories full of potential, plot twists, tragedy, comedy and just maybe…a happy ending or two.

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5 thoughts on “Quotography: Story

  1. Lisa, once again, I LOVE your words here! You described Autumn in such a perfect way. Absolutely PERFECT!

    And we should get busy writing the new stories of our lives. Stories full of potential, plot twists, tragedy, comedy and just maybe…a happy ending or two.”


    Love your photograph and the quote you’ve chosen for this post!

    Have a super week, my friend!

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  2. I feel the same way about the fall as you do. It has always been my favorite time of year, precisely because it is a time to reflect. I like how you tied this into the word story and I love your editing of the frosted grass and leaf. Just beautiful. Thanks for playing along with me.

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  3. I read this yesterday and was moved by it – I’ve been trying to come up with a comment that would be equally wise and sensitive, but am failing miserably. I hope it is sufficient to say I love the treatment of the photo and the words. Thank you.

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