Our month in pictures-February

February 2016

Our February held a mixed bag of events and experiences. Twix officially turned two years old and is a non-stop tornado force of nature whirlwind every waking minute of the day. She literally cannot be left alone for one minute before getting into something. Her latest love is ripping paper. It’s so exciting to hear rrriiippppppp….for both her and us since we never know if it’s a scrap piece of paper, a magazine or some important document she’s gotten off the desk.

The annual winter run-away from winter happened to Los Cabos, Mexico and was a fun-filled week with sand, surf and sun. We spent a lot of time at the “kiddie” pool with our friend, Hector, who kept us supplied with Happy Hour drinks regardless of the time of day.

Bookending the vacay was head colds and a sinus infection, so February swung between wonderful “highs” and miserable “lows.” But the weather started to break toward the end of the month so, perhaps, spring will arrive on time this year. 🙂 Even though we didn’t really get the winter snowstorm I so often long for, these old bones are ready for warmer temps and the muse is ready for spring blossoms.

Playing along with others at Mona’s Picturesque for The Month in Pictures game.

7 thoughts on “Our month in pictures-February

  1. Lisa, whenever I hear that Twix is 2 years old, I can hardly believe it because it seems like yesterday you posted photos of her after she was born. It’s so hard for me to comprehend that it was TWO years ago?!?

    Love your February recap collage! Have a super weekend, my friend!

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  2. We always take a break from winter in March. Ours is coming up next week–not exotic as Mexico but warm and sunny and a break from the day to day routine. I hope everybody is feeling better now.


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