songography-beautiful dayIt’s a beautiful day
Don’t let it get away
It’s a beautiful day
~Beautiful Day by U2

If spring is serious where you are, I hope those beautiful days let you get away and enjoy some fun activities. If spring has eluded you, I wish you patience and more hot chocolate laced with Bailey’s Irish Cream to help tide you over until summer.

Playing along with Kathy and those who love Songography

4 thoughts on “Songography

  1. What a beautiful photograph, Lisa1
    Spring is still being very fickle here.
    Snow flurries this morning, and really quite chilly.
    Over the next many days, it promises to get much nicer, and I sure hope that’s the case, because I am so ready for spring! xo.

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  2. *applause*

    WOW…stunning photograph, Lisa!

    It’s been a very strange Spring here too. The past week was rainy and cold; we even had some snow.

    However, I had today off and it was beautiful, so I spent the day outside enjoying the weather and taking photographs.

    Have a great rest of your week, my friend!

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