Awww Monday and Sparks: Best Therapist

The best therapist has fur and four legs.

My apologies for last week. I posted early, but because of a business trip, I didn’t get to visit anyone’s Sparks or Awwwwsome photos while on the road. I promise to do better this week.

I think every one of you would agree with the above quote. There’s no therapist like a devoted fur baby cuddled up beside or in our laps to take away the stresses of life. Who else can we tell our deepest, darkest secrets to and not worry about being judged? They rarely try to “fix” problems, opting only to quietly listen to us vent, cry and whine. There’s no awkward moments of silence where no one knows what to say. They might even try to distract us from our worries by bringing every. single. toy. they. own…with only the good intention of offering to lighten the mood with play.

Human Animal Bond Research Initiative Foundation reports the benefits of a human-animal bond helps reduce anxiety and decrease blood pressure. And, spending time with an animal can enhance positive feelings of well-being. It’s no wonder there’s been a rise in the number of emotional-support animals. The Journal of Evidence-Informed Social Work reports that after one week of having an emotional support animal, there is an 82% reduction of the symptoms of PTSD.

So, perhaps all this world needs is for everyone to cuddle up and talk with a fur baby….whether it be a dog, cat, horse, rabbit, ferret, llama or a hamster!

Blog hopping today with Anne’s Sparks and Sandee’s Awww….Monday. I guarantee the linked posts will bring a smile to your face and inspiration to your week.




10 thoughts on “Awww Monday and Sparks: Best Therapist

  1. Absolutely true…our Razzy keeps us entertained; however, he can be quite bossy. We get a lot of being barked at when we go away for a bit and return home. I’ve determined he is scolding us for not taking him along. 🙂 Great Spark and Awww…

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  2. I could not agree more with this, Lisa.
    We’d be so lost, and life would not be nearly as full without our furry ones.
    I hope you had a wonderful Easter, and I wish you a good week ahead, my friend.

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  3. “So, perhaps all this world needs is for everyone to cuddle up and talk with a fur baby….whether it be a dog, cat, horse, rabbit, ferret, llama or a hamster!”

    You said it, Lisa! And I totally agree with what one of your readers said, “Unconditional love is what they supply.” They are the TRUE definition of unconditional love 🙂

    I love the photograph (and quote ) of Cabo! He is such a cutie!

    Wonderful Spark, my friend! And thanks for sharing!

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