March Photo Challenge: Six

PJ’s prompt for this month’s photo challenge is Six…in honor of this being the beginning of the sixth year for this challenge. I encourage everyone who has a camera to join us in the fun. It’s easy! Take photos related to the prompt during the month. Pick five of them and post on the last day of the month. What could be easier than that? Of course, every prompt is open to interpretation and, at times, some of us tend to break bend the rules a bit…but it’s all good. 🙂

Here are my five for Six.

Six #1
Since this is a photo challenge, let’s begin with the equipment needed to accomplish the task. This is my Canon T6i DSLR. I got it for Mom’s Day a couple years ago. It replaced my small Canon ProShot that I never really embraced and completely gave up trying. This one is auto everything but I can over-ride the controls and put it on Manual if I want to. And, most of the time, I want to. I find I’m getting better photos working from the RAW files and adjusting my own settings in post production. I rarely shoot in Auto anymore. And, because of that, I think I’m getting better.

Six #2
This one is titled: SIX minus One. Remember when I said some of us break bend the rules. Yep, that’s me. Twix is one year less than SIX. Although she is as smart as any six-year-old. She will attend kindergarten later in August of this year.

Six #3
Twix came back to Nana and Papa Preschool last month. These are six of a set of ten Matchmakers. We call them Wrap Ups. A vintage “toy” by Discovery Toys, these are designed to learn through play. She can complete the first set in no time flat. We’ll be working our way up to the next level and then on to the actual addition/subtraction wrap ups.

Six #4
Spring is finally here! Never ming that we had snow showers yesterday. My daffs are blooming and I’m a happy camper. Have you noticed most daffodils have six base petals? How convenient.

Six #5
And, in keeping with the spring theme, here’s another welcome site. Hyacinths! I love their heady scent. And each little blossom has…you guessed it….six petals.

Six was a stretch for me this month. I think I’m distracted by wedding plans and life in general. But, I’m glad I was able to pull together something that sort of fulfilled the requirements.

Feel free to blog hop over to PJ’s place to see what other shutterbugs found this month to commemorate the sixth year of the challenge.

9 thoughts on “March Photo Challenge: Six

  1. I am hoping to see daffodils poking up out of the ground tomorrow when there’s daylight. Although it’s very dark right now, it looks like the snow is gone – I just st got home after ten days away.

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  2. Lisa, it’s so ironic that you have a Canon Rebel T6i because I have a Canon Rebel T5i and I love it. However, I eventually need to upgrade the lens because the one it came with is limiting.

    GREAT set of six photographs for this challenge! The color on those Daffodils and Hyacinths are so beautiful.

    Well done, my friend. Have a faaaabulous week! 🙂

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  3. This definitely was a tough challenge, but you pulled it off so well! 🙂 (Loved the little bit of rule-bending, especially.) That looks like an excellent camera. I should try and use the manual settings on mine a little more. Lazy! LOL So nice to see some spring flowers. We had snow the other night, as well. Thankfully, it’s gone again, but the temperatures are still freezing.

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  4. If Twix is five years old, she’s in her sixth year of life, there you go 😉
    Today is a wonderful spring day in Switzerland, and I’m wearing a pink and white Vichy blouse that would perfectly go with your pretty Hyacinth!

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  5. Yep, the leap to Manual is a bit of a milestone in a photographer’s education. Good for you. This is a wonderful set of photos. No flowers here in March, but a few prairie crocus blossoms are finally popping out on south facing hills.


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