Slowing down the pace of life

Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.
~Benjamin Franklin

So, evidently, our nation simply doesn’t drink enough wine. Problems solved. 🙂

Entrepreneur and I checked off another item on our travel list. Initially, it was a Napa or Sonoma wine trip. But, then we switched it up and decided to save on airfare and visit our state’s own wine trail in Hermann, Missouri. I’m not a huge fan of Missouri wine, so I was on a mission to find a white wine that would be a good “patio wine” for the summer. I’m really a year-round, red wine girl, but thought I should try and keep an open mind.

Hermann, Missouri is home to a variety of wineries, distilleries and breweries. This historic, German town has buildings dating back to the mid 1800s that are still in use today. Wineries and vineyards are sometimes tucked into residential areas because, well, that’s the primary stock and trade of this area.

Hermann is also home to the oldest family farm winery in the nation named Adam Puchta Winery. The same family has continuously owned the vineyards and winery since 1855.

We met up with Entrepreneur’s cousin and husband and took the Hermann Trolley tour. Our guide, Kevin, chauffeured us around to five of the area wineries and offered up snippets of local history at each stop. Each winery offered 5 to 6 tastings of their wines.

Did I fall in love with a white wine? No, but I found some I would be willing to drink…chilled….on the patio…in the summer. Adam’s Dry Vignoles and their Reserve Vivant both earned a + sign in my tasting notes.

Probably most enjoyable, aside from the company, was the scenery. Hermann is in the center of the Missouri Rhineland area and many wineries have sweeping views of the Missouri River Valley….which, at the moment, is still mostly underwater. But, it’s still a lovely site to see.

I think Martin Luther, a 19th century, German priest, said it best. If you know history, you recognize his name as one whose actions against the  Catholic church sparked the Protestant Reformation in Europe.

Yep, Martin had some other things to say about wine as well.

Beer is made by men, wine by God.

Accordingly if the devil should say, ‘Do not drink,’ you should reply to him, ‘On this very account, because you forbid it, I shall drink, and what is more, I shall drink a generous amount. Thus one must always do the opposite of that which Satan prohibits. What do you think is my reason for drinking wine undiluted, talking freely, and eating more often, if it is not to torment and vex the devil who made up his mind to torment and vex me.

Being a good German, Martin also liked his beer. But I digress……..

Playing along today with Sandee at Comedy Plus for Happy Tuesday, and Peabea for Pictorial Tuesday.






8 thoughts on “Slowing down the pace of life

  1. Lisa, as you know, I LOVE wine; therefore I thoroughly enjoyed this post! What a beautiful vineyard/winery!

    Like you, I am a year-round, red wine boy. I’ve tried white in the past, however, there is something about it (perhaps the sugar) that just doesn’t agree with me. Plus, and I know this sounds strange, but to me, visually, wine needs to be red. And at room temp.

    Gorgeous photos!

    Ben Franklin, being that he once lived in Philadelphia, we have several museums with Ben Franklin memorabilia. I once saw a wall plaque in a gift shop that read: “Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.”

    I agree!

    Have a great weekend, my friend 🙂

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  2. I am a reisling lover, and chardonney. The scenery is lovely and the tour bus is a great idea! I wish Sonoma had one of those on our honeymoon trip to wineries.


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