Awww Monday: 8 month smiles

You may remember back in December when I shared photos I took of my BFF’s first grandbabykin. What? You missed it? Well, check them out HERE. I also was honored to take her 3 month photos as well. They are HERE.

Well, that little grand girl is now 8 months old and I got to capture her personality again. She is definitely a huge Awww!

We toyed with the idea of taking her to a park or local botanical garden. But when I looked at my neighbor’s landscaping, I thought, why go anywhere?! Plus the little miss refused to take a morning nap so we weren’t certain what sort of mood she would in for picture posing. Turns out we were worried over nuthin’.

Overall, she was cooperative and very happy…especially when BiBi (BB? BeeBee?) was dancing around behind me singing the I Dream of Genie tune to get her to smile! Look at those sparkly eyes!

Seriously, the things we do to make babies smile.

Mom and BiBi like the results, so I assume I’m not fired. Her next session will be in December for her one year pics. Should be interesting if winter comes early.

Blog hopping today with Sandee over at Comedy Plus for Awww Monday.

8 thoughts on “Awww Monday: 8 month smiles

  1. Lisa, I most certainly do remember that post back in December and remember LOVING it!

    Just like this one!

    OMG…BiBi is soooooooooooo CUTE! What a sweet and lovable little face! What precious eyes!

    And it’s funny that you mentioned “I Dream of Jeannie” because I just recently watched a documentary on the making-of that TV show, in which they playing the opening theme song.

    As always, my friend, your photographs are superb! You really have a gift for capturing the best people-photographs!

    Have a great week! 🙂

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