January Photo Challenge: Change and Hope

Here it is the end of January already and time again for PJ’s photo challenge. This month’s prompt is Change and Hope Appropriate for beginning a new year, but it was hard for me because I have little hope anything is really going to change in the world anytime soon. I couldn’t really get into taking photos specifically for the prompt so I’m improvising.

Change and Hope 1
I hope there is a change in the attitudes of the 22 graphic designers I’m tasked with teaching this semester during their capstone course at a local university. This semester the strategic communication department is completely online, which always presents a challenge in how to keep Gen Z focused and engaged. Last semester, I had four designers; one had to be removed from their responsibility and replaced with one who was not very well equipped to take on the task of designing a 100-page book. Another one failed. Yes, failed the course…and is taking it again this semester; mercifully, not as a designer. So, I hope my 22 new designers are better able to handle stress, deadlines and expectations this semester.

Change and Hope 2
I hoped and prayed the wind didn’t unexpectedly change and pick up during our winter bonfire. Every winter, after the first snowfall, we try and burn all the tree trimmings and garden clean up collected during the year. Since we live in the county, a burn pile is not prohibited. And, if you invite the neighbors and make it a bonfire party, no one calls the fire department on you. Bonus points if you offer s’mores.

Change and Hope 3
I hope there is a change in my weight soon. The pandemic pounds, coupled with the bursitis and osteoarthritis in my hips have left me struggling to remain positive about any significant post-menopause weight loss. But, I’ll continue to try and find solutions because the alternative is not appealing to me. Our stationary bike, elliptical, resistance bands and weights are hoping to see me regularly.

Change and Hope 4
I hope there’s an early change from winter to spring this year. It would help with my outlook on the topic mentioned above and being outside would definitely improve my attitude. The cold is bothering me more this year than ever before. While I love to see the beauty of a snowfall, the feeling is short lived when I realize I have to actually go out into the cold.

Change and Hope 5
I hope nothing changes for the worse with our health this year and Entrepreneur continues to respond favorably to his immunotherapy for renal cell cancer. Earlier this week I celebrated a birthday so I’m one more year closer to Medicare and not having to work to pay for health insurance. If we can dodge the ‘rona until we can get vaccinated, all will be well.

These are my five picks for Change and Hope. Go ahead and visit PJ’s place for more interpretations.…go on….you know you’re curious.

14 thoughts on “January Photo Challenge: Change and Hope

  1. Last year was a good year for me. I turned off the news, Quit listening to politicians and the know it all folks in Hollyweird, Dumped Twitter and Facebook and kicks the so called mainstream media to the curb. My blood pressure went way down and the sun came out.

    I hope you and hubby have a fabulous year. Big hug, my friend. ♥

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  2. This aging thing brings with it all these fun things that make life a wee bit harder. All we can do is deal with it in a way that works for us and be happy we get out of bed each day. That sounds more Pollyanna-ish than I am really – sometimes some complaining is necessary. I hope at least some if your hopes are fulfilled.

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  3. Lise, I really like the header image on the design boot camp website I love tigers!

    That second shot of the bonfire is faaaaaaaabulous! You can actually feel the heat coming from the flames.

    The tree icicles photo is magnificent. It look like you drew it. We just had a HUGE snowfall here in the Northeast. It started yesterday afternoon and hasn’t stopped. As I look out my window it looks like a blizzard.

    That final pic of you and Entrepreneur is just beautiful! You can feel the LOVE between the two of you!

    ” I’m one more year closer to Medicare and not having to work to pay for health insurance. ”

    I turned 65 in October, so I am now officially on Medicare. And I just got a supplemental plan, which I don’t pay any premium. Yippeeeee!

    Good to see your post today, my friend! Have a splendid week! X

    P.S And I hear you about not having much hope because I feel the same way. I have officially stopped watching any news because no matter who you watch, it’s all the same regurgitated news. Honestly, I have no interest in politics and our government anymore. And I truly feel so much better.

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  4. This situation is taking its toll to all of us. Your students probably suffer from the lack of partying, playing sports and otherwise socializing?
    Love your bonfire tradition. Glad the wind got the memo too and kept its distance.
    Weight loss is hard. Especially during lockdown. So for the time being my approach is to yell at the scale to stop the count 😉 and hope for the best!
    Happy Birthday!

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  5. Wow, did not know you taught designing. The tree photo is beautiful. I get my vaccination tomorrow. Daughter has had hers, she’s a Nurse so makes me worry less as she works sometimes with the Covid patients. Hoping I have not too many affects from the shot. Yes, I have loved being retired since around 2008. Prayers hubby stays well. 🙂

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  6. We weren’t so fortunate with our burn piles this month. Fortunately, no structures were damaged but my dad’s pride took a pretty big hit. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great year.

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  7. Better late than never when it comes to blog hopping! You held a beautiful set of hopes for 2021 and I hope (see what I did there) some of them are panning out. My biggest hope at this point is to be eligible for vaccination before the COVID variants go exponential. Based on the daily case count I just heard on the radio, that hope will be dashed. So I will focus on things I can control: daily exercise, stretching and meditation and regular phone calls with friends and family. Here’s to s’mores bonfires this coming fall/winter, with all kinds of friends, neighbours and family members gathered ’round.

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  8. I do love looking back and catching up on comments for these.. such a different time in a few months! I love the bonfire and they really are wonderful in the winter. And make for great photos. And I keep thinking I want an elliptical machine. I actually do enjoy using them.

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