March Photo Challenge: Nine

Hello. Once again it’s time for PJ’s monthly photo challenge. March’s prompt was Nine to commemorate how many years he’s been doing this challenge. As it’s already April 2nd now and I’m late to the link up party, this should give you a hint of how my month went. Truth be told, I took one photo early and then promptly forgot to finish until yesterday. The rest were taken from what I took this month and adapted to fit the theme.

Nine 1
This was the only planned photo for the month. Nine little sprouts of daffodils early in March. My daffodils always remind me spring is on the way….even with the snow and freezing temperature shenanigans Mother Nature and Old Man Winter like to play this time of year in middle Missouri.

Nine 2
A follow up to the first shot shows nine daffs on my dining room table. There are more of them, but nine was all I needed for this shot. There are really nine, one is hidden behind the center double one.

Nine 3
Twix’s second grade had a music program in March themed Rock and Roll. Here is Twix with her best 8-year-old interpretation of a 1980-90s rocker chick. The only thing missing is the heavy Pat Benatar eye makeup…and maybe some pink hair coloring.

Nine 4
This was taken nine days before the end of the month. Seriously, it was. I laughed when I saw the time stamp. Sometimes the fates are kind. It was on the way home from Twix’s second grade music program.

Nine 5
Some of you saw my two previous posts about Baby B…the infant my foster friend has taken in until an adoption can be arranged. She is beautiful and we had so much fun taking newborn shots of her. Here is a collage of nine faces of Baby B.

So I can’t help but think I cheated a bit this month since I was not intentional in my photography choices. Honestly, I have no idea where my time goes. I hope to do a better job for April’s prompt.

We would love to grow this challenge so I encourage anyone who loves to take photos to give it a try! Five shots centered around a monthly prompt. Post and done! And, as you can see, it’s possible to adapt photos to themes if necessary! 🤣

7 thoughts on “March Photo Challenge: Nine

  1. Twix the rocker chick looks fabulous – did she have fun? Do kids her age enjoy 80s music?? It’s my favorite 🙂
    Awww, Baby B. It’s such a wonderful thing your friend is doing. Will it be hard to find forever-parents?
    Love the sprouts succession. Isn’t it amazing what can happen within a month?

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  2. Lisa, I LOVE the Easter centerpiece with the egg wreath and the nine daffs!

    And Twix nailed it with her 1980-90’s outfit. FLAWLESS!!!

    Your Baby B. collage photos are so precious. There is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping cherub.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think you did well with the theme. The reality and beauty of this challenge is to interpret as you see fit. And Twix doing up the 80s-90s rocker… nicely done. One of the best eras for music! 😀

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  4. Lisa, you are a wonderful photographer and storyteller. The photo of Twix is a keeper. And the beautiful baby photos are so special, her forever parents will want copies of all of them for her baby book.

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