300 Unsung Heroes

Unless you’ve lived the past 9 years under a rock, you all know what day it is. As we pause to honor all those who lost their lives in the most heinous foreign attack on U. S. soil since Pearl Harbor, we also honor the largest mobilization of emergency workers in our nation’s history. And the unsung heroes of ground zero are…the rescue dogs.

During a time of pure chaos, these magnificent creatures worked without complaint of the conditions;

without anger over what had happened;

without shock at what they found;

without thoughts of revenge.

They simply worked night and day to make a difference… for a pat on the head, a scratch behind the ears, and perhaps a pretty good meal when finished.

Theycallmejane, posted a video I think is truly phenomenal. Take a moment and watch man’s best friends in one of their finest hours.

A canine rescue dog is no pampered pooch. Sometimes it takes 2 years of training before one is rescue ready. Their discipline is second to none, and no phobias about heights, cramped places or loud noises are allowed. But their greatest asset is their spectacular nose…which smells in technicolor. And that can literally be the difference between life and death.

On 9/11 and the weeks after, aid poured in from coast to coast. To the hundreds of volunteers and rescuers that worked tirelessly and displayed acts of heroism, the nation owes you a debt of gratitude.

For the canine counterparts and their incredible noses, you showed us the very definition of love and devotion.

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