Snowmageddon 20-Eleven

Well, we made all the major news headlines last Tuesday and Wednesday when a massive storm moved across America’s Heartland. One hundred million people were affected by its wrath. Within its path, 2,100 miles of the northern assault were bracing for more than a foot of snow. Seven states were under blizzard and whiteout warnings. The south didn’t escape as the tail whipped through states with tornado warnings and heavy rain.

photo credit: Tuesday Reads « Sky Dancing

It was the kind of storm that reminds mere mortals that we are really not in charge of anything. At. All.

It was the kind of storm to remind me to be careful what I wish for.

We pushed our luck on Monday, wrapping up projects and leaving work around 4:30pm. Freezing drizzle had been falling most of the day. We hit a lull in activity throughout the evening and went to bed anticipating the coming storm. The bird feeders were full. The snow blade on the riding mower. The frig stocked and flashlights close at hand just in case. The generator sat in anticipation although, thankfully, we never lost power.

Mother Nature didn’t disappoint. By 7am it was snowing. By noon it was a full-fledged winter storm. Seven inches of snow already and we had another 12 house to go. Perhaps the photos can best tell the story. My apologies to the number posted here. I got a little OCD with the camera…600M worth of OCD in all.



This is our dedicated mail carrier.

I’ve never seen the birds in such a panic to eat. They stayed at the feeders through everything.

Entrepreneur bladed our driveway and two of our neighbors plus part of the street…three times before he threw in the towel…and boots, coveralls, coat, gloves and ski mask. The rest would have to wait until morning. He continued to work on driveways for our neighbors the next day until they were clear.

My 18inch tall bird bath would be completely buried when it was finished.

It’s a Pupsicle.

As night fell, temps plummeted into the single digits and winds picked up to 30mph. Snow was blown into unusual shapes.

Mom Nature’s wrath left us in the middle of the night. Evidently satisfied with her path of destruction, she offered a peace offering in the way of sunshine the next morning. The aftermath was impressive. And it was nothing I’ve ever experienced.

The things we do for our dogs.

Shovel him a walkway and he stands in a drift. Genius.

This is the full effect. It looks a bit deceiving but I’m here to tell you there is 18 inches of snow covering the yard with 2.5 foot drifts and 4-5 foot piles on each side of the driveway. I’ve never seen this much snow at one time…and I used to live in Omaha, Nebraska!

Neighbors pitched in to dig each other out. Those with pick ups and snow blades plowed streets on their own. New acquaintances were made when meeting to pull others out of ditches. Even through the worst of it, the kindness of strangers prevailed. For example, after an accident left hundreds of cars stranded outside a Chicago condo complex, residents filled backpacks with water, snacks and blankets and trekked through the blizzard conditions to the stranded motorists. Some were taken back to the complex for coffee and bathroom breaks. A woman who was 4 months along in a high-risk pregnancy was invited to stay overnight in one of the resident’s condominiums.

You just can’t keep a Midwesterner down. They will rise to the occasion every time.

And just to drive home what we experienced, here is a satellite image from NOAA.

photo credit: NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory

Disturbing. Terrifying. Awe-inspiring. AND Magnificent. Let’s not do it again anytime soon. Okay?

15 thoughts on “Snowmageddon 20-Eleven

  1. Mother Nature’s sense of humor leaves a bit to be desired, methinks. I am happy glad you took so many wonderful pictures. I am, selfishly, happy glad we were west of that weather.


  2. Your pictures are amazing, especially the one with the drifts covering the door. Our dog was not interested in the paths we made for him either. Too funny that we ended with the same photo from space. It was an impressive storm. I’m just glad we weren’t in the ice belt further south.


    • I’ll take snow over ice any day. We had a thin layer of ice underneath but once exposed on the concrete, it melted with the sunshine. Of course, getting it exposed was the hard part!


  3. I don’t think I have ever seen that much snow in one place. We had about 5 inches and didn’t get mail service for a week! And that you guys all pitch in to help each other out? Incredible!


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