Project64: Indigo

My friend, Kim, at Kim’s Tour of No Regrets, coffee | served daily AND re:design (yes, she is a bit crazy) suggested I’m far enough right-brained that I might like a photographic journey through a box of 64 crayons called Project64: Out of the Box. As anyone can see in my sidebar, I’m should be all over this as a 96-crayon-box person. I’m joining in late but hope to be able to catch up with the colors already posted.

This week is Indigo week. As I looked around my house, I was surprised at how little Indigo I have other than my jeans! I know, disgraceful that someone like me wouldn’t have more to show you for this color. But, !hallelujah! and thanks to last week’s vacay, I found the perfect photo. As we watched the sun set, the sky exploded with colors of yellow, red and orange. But as your eye moved away from the sinking fireball, colors of indigo and other shades of blue began to take over the sky, reflecting night’s calm presence in the water below.

Thank you to the creators of Project64…Brooke, Sheryl, Shana, Natalie, Kendall and Jeana…
for making us think outside the box, and giving yet another excuse to pick up the camera.

20 thoughts on “Project64: Indigo

  1. I bought my own box of crayons this week too.
    But maybe, I should not have….some of the colors in there are very intimidating. lol
    Love your capture….I really need to visit the ocean soon.


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