Project64: Tickle Me Pink

There’s not a lot of pink in my house anymore. My little girls grew up and left the nest. When Peanut (and her parents) lived here, pink returned in the form of little sleepers, dresses, bows and little-girl toys. But it left again when they moved back to Alabama. Last week was warm and I eagerly anticipated a Saturday escape to find spring blossoms that would tickle me pink. But winter returned and my outdoor scavenger hunt has been thwarted by temps in the 30s and a forecast of 4 inches of SNOW!

And I’m not tickled pink. In fact, I’m downright cold.

So, my apologies for pulling from past photos this week. But I have to say, this is a fave of my redbud tree. One that will hold its blooms a little longer.

There are shades of pink here to satisfy everyone. And Tickle Me Pink is definitely among the darker shades in these spring blossoms.

Sub­mitted for Project64: Out of the Box.
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20 thoughts on “Project64: Tickle Me Pink

  1. Che bello!!! I love pink! when my marriage broke up I gave myself a pink living room — we are talking PINK – with a pink bathroom – boy was it all pink (I even had a pink tv!!! – I know, difficlt times, people sometimes do weird things don’t they?? – anyway, once I settled down the pink gradually left – but I still love it!!


  2. Even if you’re cold your pink sure is pretty! With two boys, I had NO pink! Maybe someday pink with a granddaughter! However, I’d probably be prone to buy more purple than pink!


  3. Love the photo! Love the Redbud tree. I keep looking at them thinking how I’d love to have one. Sadly, I doubt it would survive here. So I’ll just linger over your picture for awhile and pretend I’m in my yard.


  4. I love your redbud shot! I think I’m particularly fond of them because the redbud is Oklahoma’s state tree…they’re everywhere here!
    I also think it’s sweet that you call your grandbaby “Peanut.” That was my son’s nickname during my pregnancy since we kept his name a secret until he was born.

    Thank you for your encouraging words on my blog! I hope you’re enjoying P64 as much as I am!


  5. Hi Lisa, thank you for stoping by my blog and commenting on it. Love flower shots and almost posted an older photo…. Saturday was my last chance to capture something new and when I spotted the beautiful parasol I knew I had it. I would have love to buy several of them but they were a bit pricey at the festival. They would be great for little girls portraits or engagements. The possibilities are endless. In another note how do you deal with those cold temperatures? At the moment we are at 84 degrees; weather people say we will hit 90’s this weekend.


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