R is for Roller Coaster

Is your life a roller coaster? Lately, mine has been taking me for a wild ride. I thought life would slow down once Army Wife/Guy and Peanut moved out.


I believe it’s actually sped up.

We ran away from winter in February and met the kiddos in Cancun for a week of fun in the sun. It was a fabulous vacay with some much needed mental R&R.

Work is ramping up and it looks like the stress from not enough work will soon give way to more work than one person can possible do in a normal day. I know, horrible problem to have. I’m just sayin’….

We put out a garden with some friends and are hoping for peas, kohlrabi, green beans, onions, potatoes, corn, okra, tomatoes, beets and strawberries. As some of you know, putting out a garden is code for “What? You have free time? We can take care of that”

I just wrapped up a semester of Strategic Campaigns capstone projects with some of this year’s advertising seniors. My students finished their dog and pony shows for their clients last week. I’ve finally put the grades to bed, and attended an instructor debrief meeting. Fifteen strategic communication graduates have been unleashed on the world, but it was a dead run for instructors and students alike from spring beak to graduation.

And May! OMG…May also brings 5 birthdays, one anniversary, two high school graduations and a trip south to celebrate Army Guy’s graduation from Warrant Officer school.

How’s your roller coaster ride?

10 thoughts on “R is for Roller Coaster

  1. I thought I was busy but my life certainly pales compared to yours.
    I have to agree that the last few months have been a roller coaster for me too.
    Hubby and I are so looking forward to some mental and physical R&R very soon.
    Great post today.


  2. Your life actually sounds more hectic than mine right now Lisa! I have to smile when you say you thought you would have more time when your daughter and her family moved out. I too thought that I would have more time when my kids got older and became more independent, but you know, it has not happened, and I do not see it doing so in the foreseeable future! Ya can’t win!!! 🙂


  3. Definitely a roller coaster ride and I do remember those days when mine was the same! Great post for the day, though! Hope you get some rest SOON! Take care! Enjoy! And don’t forget to breathe!

    ABC Team


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