Project 64: Violet Red

Okay, if we’re not going to have winter in middle Missouri, let’s move on to spring as soon as possible. After searching high and low for violet-red this week, I’ve determined there is nothing in my house or yard of this color at the present time. I found this shot sitting in my archives from last fall and it seemed pretty close.

Something strange happened when I uploaded the file into WordPress. The magenta colors went absolutely crazy! I’ve viewed it on two computers and the color is off on both of them. Just so you know, the violet-red color in the header and flower isn’t this vivid. I have no explanation to why it changed so drastically between my original file and how it looks here. Maybe it looks okay on your screen.

Guess it’ll just have to be one of those life mysteries.

Sub­mitted for Project 64: Out of the Box
To see my Crayon Col­lec­tion so far, click HERE



8 thoughts on “Project 64: Violet Red

  1. I frequently find my computer and camera can’t handle red the way I see it. I just put it down to my not knowing how to deal with their intricacies – or maybe my eyes don’t see some colors the way others do. Artists are usually very particular about the light they paint in. I wouldn’t call myself an artist but I find it very difficult to paint from real life because for me the light and color are always changing. Your color here is the4 exact shade of our very popular and vivid ice plant that grows in abundance here in early spring — but then again, who knows whether the color I see is the same color you see!


  2. Stunning! On my computer the color of the flower matches the crayon perfectly. I love the detail and the framing as well as the color. Thank you for sharing!


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