January Peanutisms

Last week, Peanut and her parents were here in Middle Missouri for Christmas. And just like in her visit last July, I have a few Peanutisms to share with you!

 Peanut 1-2013
Texture by Kim Klassen: Return

It’s a well-known fact at our house that Nana (me) makes the best double chocolate milk on the block. One morning while everyone was sleeping, Peanut and I made some for breakfast.

Me: Would you like chocolate milk?
Peanut: Yes, ma’am. I want to make it.
Me: Okay, be careful stirring in the chocolate.
Peanut: I’ll be careful making the swirlpool.

A swirlpool is what one gets when stirring the spoon very fast in circles inside the glass.


Bedtime is always an interesting experience with a four year old. After finishing reading what seemed like the entire library of children’s books, she settled into her bed. That’s when she told me she was scared.

Peanut: Nana, I can’t go to sleep because I’m scared.
Me: Scared of what?
Peanut: I’m scared of the tornado.
Me: What tornado?
Peanut: The one in that room. 

That room would be our “emergency room.” It’s really a small room under the front porch that’s part of the lower level. It’s where we keep emergency supplies, canned food, pillows, sleeping bags, generator etc. The room is off her bedroom so the door is in her room. When she was visiting in July, we called it the “tornado room” because we could take shelter there in a bad storm if necessary. “Tornado room”….yeah, probably not our best choice of words.


Every cowboy needs a sidekick. Christmas with Entrepreneur’s side of the family resulted in a Nerf gun that was the hit of the evening. As cousins squealed, ran and took turns shooting Nerf darts at each other, Peanut decided one of her older cousin should be part of the fun.

When it was his turn, she told him:
I’ll be your Super Sidekick.

Super Sidekick

I think it was a strategic alliance to make sure she didn’t get hit.

6 thoughts on “January Peanutisms

  1. She is so precious!

    I saw two little boys on bicycles early this evening on a walk. Two brothers, perhaps 8 and 10. It was like seeing my boys 10 years ago. Extraordinary feeling. Beautiful.

    Children are such gifts.


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