Getting just a little closer

If you read my post about the ugly duckling yesterday, you know on a recent walk I ran into some Canadian geese on an outing with their goslings. They were adorable and I just couldn’t stop myself from getting a few shots.

So, I gingerly walked over to the families who were enjoying a day by the lake; which is why I can use this for Water World Wednesday. See the water in the upper right-hand corner? 🙂

goslings 1 72

I s-l-o-w-l-y walked a little closer. So far, so good. Geese are well-known for not being the nicest creatures on earth…especially when babies are concerned.goslings 2 72

And a little closer.
goslings 4 72

And a little closer still.goslings 5 72

How adorable is this shot of the swimming lesson?goslings 3 72

Oops. Time to go.goslings 6 72

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10 thoughts on “Getting just a little closer

  1. “Geese are well-known for not being the nicest crea­tures on earth…especially when babies are concerned.”

    You are soooooooo right, Lisa! I used to live by a lake in Florida where the geese would actually run into the street and try to attack a moving CAR – I kid you not!

    Great photos! The ones of the little baby geese are ADORABLE!

    Happy Wednesday, my friend!



  2. Wow, Lisa, you got lucky with this one.
    I’m really surprised they let you get this close.
    I have been chased on more than one occasion by a Canada Goose, and they do mean business when they get mad.

    These photographs are just beautiful!


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