June photo challenge: Bridges

June’s photo challenge over at A ‘lil Hoohaa is Bridges. I thought this might be quite the challenge for someone land-locked in middle Missouri. But I did succeed in finding five samples of bridges…in one form or another.

While not exactly Bridges of Madison County quality, it is covered foot bridge. I really like this shot, and you might remember it from this post HERE.bridge 3 72

This one spans a small run-off creek in an area where I routinely walked over my lunch break…until it got too blasted hot during the day.Bridge 1 72

Discovered this one when I took a new walking route. It’s by the same lake (big pond?) where I found the  goslings.
bridge 2-1 72

And this one is the real McCoy, over the Missouri River.
bridge 4 72

And, last but not least, this bridge is in my family room. Hey, no one said it had to span water. 😉

bridge 5

Go on over to A ‘lil Hoohaa and check out the other interpretations of Bridges for June!


9 thoughts on “June photo challenge: Bridges

  1. Faaaaaaaabulous bridge photographs, Lisa! I may have told you earlier this month that one of my other blogging friends is also participating in this photo challenge.

    I really like the variety you came up with because each one is so uniquely different.

    That foot bridge is so lovely. And the one that spans over the lake (#3) is really, really nice. Great shot of the real McCoy! And the one in your family room is so cool. Love the pots you have on top.

    Well done, my friend!



  2. You not only took great photos, you made me want to go for a walk. Not in Missouri, tho. Way too hot and muggy there. 🙂

    I love the “bridge” in your family room, too. Clever…


  3. I like the footbridge. That would be cool to come across. I also really like the crossing of the Missouri. Lots of great lines.


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