The thoughts are a bit cloudy


Whom have I in heaven but you?
And earth has nothing I desire besides you.
Psalm 73:25

Qutography’s prompt this week is clouds. A while ago I posted an awesome cloud shot that, like this one, makes me think God is revealing himself to us. Hope you like this one too.

Yesterday at worship, one of our pastors asked if we wanted to go to heaven. Well, duuhhhh, of course. Everyone nodded their head yes. But then he threw all of us for a curve and asked if we wanted to go TODAY?

Today? Well….um……let’s see……..can we reschedule?

What should have been an emphatic YES! turned out to be a stumbling block. A trick question to make us ask ourselves if we really believe being in the presence of our Maker is our ultimate goal….or just another item on our bucket list.

I have to admit, I hesitated. Deep down a YES was struggling to the surface. But it got blocked by things like seeing Peanut grow up; watching The Floridian walk down the aisle; holding subsequent grandbabykins; traveling to awesome places with Entrepreneur in our retirement.

Oh sure, there are days when I’d chuck it all and ride that heavenly escalator right up to the entrance of those pearly gates in a heartbeat. But those are usually the days when things are falling apart. It’s an easy trade when life is a struggle and everything is wrong. When my heart aches and even everyday tasks seem impossible, the thought of no more heartache, tears, pain and death seem like a wonderful alternative.

It’s easy to answer this question when I’d sad, mad, distraught and depressed. If I had a terminal illness or horrific injury, it would be a no-brainer decision. Not so easy when everthing is going as planned. Not so easy when life if full of joy and anticipation. Not so easy when there’s so many things to look forward to doing.

CS Lewis said, “Don’t build your happiness on something you can lose.”

And when I think about it, I can lose anything and everything in this world; my kids, my grandkids, my spouse, my siblings, my parents, my job, my house, my health, my life…..nothing is permanent in this world.

Do you want to go to heaven?

How would you answer this question?

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8 thoughts on “The thoughts are a bit cloudy

  1. Your Pastor certainly asked an interesting question, also are we ready to go today, I have the house to tidy, washing to do, etc so I think I will wait awhile. Beautiful cloud shot especially that little bit of golden light. Cheers


  2. That is really a heavenly picture of clouds; the way the brighter light emanates from the top of them, and the warmer light shines below. Also, a beautiful psalm to go with it.

    I have to admit, there are days when I say, please take me now Lord; but, most of the time I am too busy thinking about me and what I want to be able to say that all I desire on earth is Him. I think it is okay if we don’t want to go today. If God wanted us there, we’d be there. After all, He is omnipotent.


  3. Faaaaaaabulous post topic, Lisa!

    I’m one of those people who believes that in someway we DO know when it’s time. I believe that my time of departure has already been planned (between God and I) before I entered this life. Therefore, if I’m in tuned to God, I believe I will know – sense it.

    Gorgeous photo!



  4. I think most Believers would respond as you did. I know my answer is the same: Yes, but… If I can let that message resonate into my daily existence in that I am living my life for Him and not for myself, I should be able to respond with a confident “yes,” minus the “but.” I am certainly a work in progress.

    Lovely shot by the way…


  5. “Yes, but” is about right. I have a nine-y.o. who needs me. In any case, we should live our lives clothing the naked, feeding the hungry. Heaven will take care of itself…


  6. What an interesting question this is, Lisa, and I completely identify with what you’ve so wonderfully written here.

    Hmmmm, today? No, not today. xo.


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