June 2022 Kids Club

The end of May brings the end of school and June begins summer vacation here in middle Missouri. Summer vacay always begins with our church's Kids Club week. This is our version of Vacation Bible School. But, this is not the VBS you might remember. When I talk to people about it, they smile and … Continue reading June 2022 Kids Club

Awww Monday-newborn style

I haven't taken part in Sandee's Awww Monday for a while. But, today I have some pics I hope will make Awwwww simply fall out of your mouth. It happened when a friend of mine, who fosters children before adoption, was asked to take a newborn from the hospital after the birth mom indicated she … Continue reading Awww Monday-newborn style

Awe deprivation

When was the last time you were awe-struck about something? I look around and everyone's eyes are fixated on some type of screen. We are turned inward. Human interaction seems to be at an all-time low as people go about their own business, sometimes looking but rarely seeing the world around them. The mundane is … Continue reading Awe deprivation