Watch out, she's restless

construction sign

Just a warning that I’m restless. And when that happens, I tend to want to overhaul things. Rearranging furniture is a favorite past time when restlessness overtakes me. But I don’t want to strain my back, so I’ll be rearranging this space and trying out some new themes. It’s either this or go buy new boots….which I may go do anyway! 🙂

If you come by for a visit and things look a little wonky, please pardon my (de)construction. I’ll make final decisions on paint colors and accessories as soon as possible. Feel free to offer your opinion about how it looks, and if things don’t work right, please let me know.

Who knows, I may chuck it all and come back to this theme. Sometimes it’s more trouble than it’s worth to try and figure out the new hoops to jump through to get a theme to really do what you envision in your mind.

But, I’m restless……..


2 thoughts on “Watch out, she's restless

  1. I know what you mean Lisa, because I have been looking into changing my blog theme as well. I may do it while I’m on a work break in January.

    I like this theme, btw!

    Hope you had a super Wednesday!


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