I'm so sick of winter

Perhaps it’s because I didn’t get a winter get-away vacay, but it seems like the cold temps have been especially irritating this year. I know winter lasts the same amount of time every year, but I seem to have come to the end of my patience. And it’s not even the end of February yet!

So, please join me as I return to the Phoenix Botanical Garden to virtually escape the Polar Vortex that seems to have returned. I said I didn’t think I would make a very good Southwest retiree, but on days like these it might be open for discussion………

This long weekender happened the end of January. Entrepreneur and I took Peanut and went to see some extended family in Scottsdale. I feel warmer just looking at these shots.

Botanical 1
Greeting us at the entrance was an explosion of blue glass. The artist, Dale Chihuly, was being featured and his work was sprinkled among the cacti and other plants throughout the park.

We thought this one looked like Medusa’s hair. See it in the background?Botanical 2

Botanical 16

Prickly Pear cacti are abundant in this area.Botanical 3

This sortta puts things in perspective.
Botanical 15

Botanical 7

Botanical 5

Botanical 6

More Chihuly
Botanical 10

Botanical 11

There’s a lot of tequila to be made from this agave plant. Botanical 9

Botanical 4

Chihuly in her favorite color. Awesome.Botanical 12

I had always heard cactus flowers were pretty, but had never really seen them up close. They’re small and not very showy, so you have to really look close….but not too close!Botanical 8

Botanical 13

Botanical 16

Hey, I hope to see you around my house in a few months.
Botanical 14

So there you have it. A brief, but interesting, tour through a desert botanical garden.

Stay warm! I’ve heard spring is coming….some day.


7 thoughts on “I'm so sick of winter

  1. It does last the same amount of time, but at least here, it has been the coldest winter (coldest for the longest amount of time) in 20+ years. If it’s the same there, it’s no wonder you are sick of winter. I know I am, for sure, and we’re back into the deep freeze this week, with another snow storm due tomorrow. 😦

    These beautiful photographs make me feel like summer though. Thank you for that, my friend!! xo.


  2. Gorgeous photos, Lisa! And I mean GORGEOUS!

    I especially love the ‘closeups’ of the cactus’s. And that last one of the butterfly is sooooooo beautiful!

    We had a couple of very spring-like days last week, however, the temps. dropped back down and we’re getting more snow this weekend.

    But Spring will be here soon!


  3. Your virtual tour of the gardens was delightful. What a great opportunity to enjoy some time away from the cold.

    I was feeling exactly like you are about this endless and brutal winter until I took a trip to the ocean to check on the snowy owl in residence. I stopped at the top of the rocks forming the breakwater, looked down, and saw a homeless man sitting at the edge of the snow above the waterline. Shifted my perspective in a heartbeat.


  4. You have had a long, unforgiving winter, so your cabin fever is certainly justified. Doesn’t make it any easier to bear, but at least it’s not YOUR fault! Love your cactus photos – at least you got that long weekend. But – when we’ve had long winters someone saying that to me would probably get a sneer.


  5. I know it’s been a hard winter for many. Here not to bad but I am ready for spring. (see my post today).
    How cool that you got to see the Chihuly display. I think that would be awesome and all those cacti as well.


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