Photo blogging challenge: Baseball

Check off another month…July is history! PJ over at a ‘lil HooHaa’s photo challenge for the month of July was Baseball. This one was not easy for me as I’m not a huge baseball fan. But I love movies about baseball….The Natural, Field of Dreams, Major League, A League of Their Own, Bull Durham, Trouble With the Curve and, of course, Angels in the Outfield.

With all that, you’d think I would be a huge baseball fan. But, alas, I’m really not that interested in the actual game. Entrepreneur played baseball and softball so he’s more inclined to relate to this topic.

So here’s what I came up with for this month.

Cardinals 1

Cardinals 2
Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri, is the home of the St. Louis Cardinals. It’s usually a packed house. The people of St. Louis LUV their redbirds.

cotton candy
And along with baseball, hot dogs apple pie and lemonade, what’s better at a ball game than cotton candy?!

Peanut and her cousin are just starting out with the concept of actually hitting a ball with a bat. Here is Peanut getting valuable female-to-female instruction  from her great aunt.

baseball gloves
This is a three-generation baseball photo…of sorts. Here we have three baseball mitts. Entrepreneur’s, The Floridian’s and the pink one is Peanut’s….like you couldn’t figure that one out on your own! 🙂 Okay, the ball is not really a baseball…it’s a softball. But it’s close enough to count, right?

Check out PJ’s place to see how others interpreted America’s favorite pastime. And check back at the end of August to see how we interpreted Colorful. That one is right up my alley!

10 thoughts on “Photo blogging challenge: Baseball

  1. Fantastic selection of photographs for this theme, Lisa! I especially like one of Peanut eating cotton candy 🙂

    “Field of Dreams, Bull Durham.”

    LOVED those films!!!

    Well done, my friend!


  2. You did well with it, Lisa! Makes me want to gather up all of our old and new gloves here and a do a generations photo. Our kids moved toward soccer more so I won’t have as many newer ones to pick from. Everyone is different. Enjoy your Monday!.


  3. Hello Lisa, It’s very nice meeting you. I just came from Being Ron’s in his photo sharing of favorite places visited.

    Have yet to visit Cancun, and have been meaning to for nearly half of my life. Every time I see photos such as yours, I tell myself the same thing, and yet another year goes by. Life!

    I love your post about baseball and your family’s interest. I think I’ve watched nearly all the films you’ve mentioned, as I too love baseball. While growing up, my younger brothers and his friends would let (yes, would let — it was a big deal to allow girls to play with the boys), we tomboys play with them. And I’ve adored the sport since.

    It was fun meeting your family. Their names are wonderful! And have a wonderful time at Cancun with the little one as you mentioned in the photo share.

    Again, it was wonderful meeting you! Have a great day! Petra :))


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