Friday Randomness

Random pretty much describes my life perfectly these days! Lisa over at Simply Living Photography summed it up well when she said there seems to be a lot of time in the day, but nothing gets done. I resemble that remark. Or maybe it’s just that nothing I want to get done gets done?

So here’s some random stuff that happened this week.

1. I think it’s safe to say spring has sprung in these parts. The daffs are up and the pear trees are in full bloom. Even though temps are threatening to be in the 30sF tonight, I’m sure we’ll rebound nicely by the weekend.
yelo daff

2. Entrepreneur and I took a trip to Florida to see The Golfer and KW for a few days. Drove straight through going down….16 hours overnight. We’re getting entirely too old for that nonsense. Spread the trip home out over two days and got stuck in Atlanta traffic/construction/accidents for 2 hours, Nashville for an hour and St. Louis for 45 minutes. Too old for that nonsense too.
Jax pier

3. Twix is walking! And climbing. Nothing is really out of reach anymore. I love to watch her toddle around with a look of accomplishment on her face. She officially walked on The Investigator’s 30th birthday so that was quite the present!
Twix walking

4. I’m so frustrated….I have not been able to spend any quality time blogging or working in Photoshop for what seems like forever. Not sure how to remedy that situation since Entrepreneur also works from home now. Seems like he finds all kinds of stuff “we” need to do. And did I mention there is a toddler in the house (See above photo).

5. My adjunct class is in full swing and it’s now a race to get final student presentations finished for the end of the semester. And, in their infinite wisdom and impeccable timing, the university powers-that-be decided all faculty should be required to watch a mandatory sexual harassment presentation and pass a test. Granted, it only took about an hour, but it was an hour I really didn’t have. And it didn’t tell me anything a reasonable person with any common sense at all wouldn’t already know. Geeeeesh…….

If you all have time, check out the wonderful entries over at Nancy’s Random Five Friday or Kim’s Friday Finds. I’ve been absent from these linkups for so long…..and I’m in desperate need of  some inspiration.

9 thoughts on “Friday Randomness

  1. I discovered on my road trip that driving 8 hours a day is more than I like anymore. And that Albuquerque has grown – a lot – since I last traveled Highway 40 back in 1975. Too much for me. So you have the mixed bag of husband working at home and watching your grand-girls growing up = lack of time for you.

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  2. ” Entrepreneur and I took a trip to Florida to see The Golfer and KW for a few days. Drove straight through going down….16 hours overnight.”

    Lisa, I remember when I moved from Florida to Philadelphia and broke the trip into two days of traveling. So I’m impressed that you did it straight through! Love that photograph of the bridge because it reminded me of my years living in the Sunshine State!

    Also, that photograph of the daff is stunning!

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter, my friend!


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