Mud slide!

One hour mud bath: California $60
One hour mud massage: New York $85
Fifty minute mud bath: Las Vegas $110
Thirty minute mud bath: Miami $30

Two-hour Middle Missouri mud foot soak: Free.


I’ve heard there are many benefits to getting muddy….whether it be in a 5-star resort spa or in the backyard. Mud is used as a detox therapy treatment. It’s said that mud can relax muscles, soothe aches, treat arthritis, improve blood circulation, smooth skin, reduce stress and leave us feeling rejuvenated.

It made me feel like I needed a shower.

Recently, I’ve read where mud has more health benefits. Bacteria in soil called Mycobacterium vaccae, has been found to trigger the release of seratonin. We all know seratonin is the body’s drug that can elevate mood and decreases anxiety. Call it the Gardener’s High we get every spring when we can finally get outside and plant those flowers. Also, these dirt microbes have been found to improve cognitive function and possibly even treat cancer and other diseases.

Another microbe found in dirt and water,  Acinetobacter lwoffii, may possibly improve immune systems, preventing asthma and some allergies in children who have been exposed to it.

However, it seems like Seattle has relocated itself over Middle Missouri and we’ve been inundated with rain, rain and more rain this month! And no amount of seratonin-producing microbes in the mud makes me happy when I look at this:

mud row

Sadly, this is the state of my garden. Yellowing leaves and standing water. Maybe I should switch from beans, corn and tomatoes to rice fields. A few days ago I had to roll up my pant legs and wade out into this soupy mess to rescue some green beans before they drowned. Bare-footed, it was almost funny how far I sunk in the mud when stepping into the quagmire. And equally funny, I’m sure, to watch me working against the power of suction to take steps down the rows while trying to balance!

For two hours I picked beans, kohlrabi and beets. I gently piled mud around then base of plants to keep them upright. I coaxed tomato stems back into their cages to keep them from sprawling on the ground…..or submerging into the unknown. The corn? I think it’s stunted because it’s only about 3-4 feet tall! But it is tasseling so it will be interesting to see what happens. And the okra is complaining it’s not hot enough to grow.

The next few weeks will be crucial. If the rain stops, plants may recover and we may have something to put away for winter. If not….the garden will be a wash in the most literal sense of the word!

mud print

Meanwhile, I’ll try and focus on those benefits of mud. 🙂 One thing is for sure. No one will mistake me or anyone in my house as a germaphobe!

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9 thoughts on “Mud slide!

  1. Talk about a mess! This is what it gets like where I’m from. As a kid my cousins and I would play in the creek in the summer…mud baths were a must during playtime!

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  2. I do remember the draw of mud puddles when I was a kid, but there is a difference between a mud puddle in the road or the yard and watching my garden drown. I would not be happy.


  3. “Two-hour Middle Missouri mud foot soak: Free.”

    Lisa, what a cleverly written post!

    Gosh, I’m sorry to hear about your garden 😦 But I applaud you for trying to find the bright side 🙂

    Hasn’t the weather been crazy this summer? We’ve had a lot of rain too, but not nearly as much as your area. One day it’s very hot and humid, the next it feels like fall. It’s been like a yo-yo.

    Have a great week, my friend!


  4. Like Ron said–love your presentation of a not so fun topic.

    Sorry to see that your garden is struggling.

    My father who lives in South Texas, told me his lawn has never looked so green with all the rain they have been having.

    Strange weather.


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