September Photo Challenge: My Town

photo blog challenge

Here we are again with PJ’s photo blogging challenge. This month’s theme is My Town. There are many aspects to life in my town, but most of these photos will be primarily in and around the University of Missouri’s flagship campus, located in my little town.

My Town #1
The University of Missouri-Columbia (or Mizzou as it’s nicknamed) began in 1939 with an investment from 900 citizens of Boone County. The library was created in 1841 and the first graduation occurred in 1843. In 1862, the university closed from spring to fall because federal troops engaged in the Civil War were quartered in one of the buildings. This is a shot of Memorial Union, a massive, gothic-inspired building that was built as a memorial to the university’s alumni that died in WWI. Pledges from students and faculty totaled $238,000 and construction began. You can read more about the history of Mizzou HERE.

My town #2
Jesse Hall serves as an admin building and houses the University Concert Series in an ornate theatre located inside the building. The original Academic Hall on campus burned in 1892, leaving the six columns you see in the photo. Jesse Hall was built in 1895 as the new “Academic Hall,” and renamed in 1922 after retiring university president, Richard Jesse.

My Town #3
The university’s mascot is a tiger. The name was selected in 1890 shortly after the football team was formed. The name, Tigers, didn’t originate because of a love of the animal….it came from a band of armed guards called the Fighting Tigers of Columbia who, in 1864, protected the town during the Civil War. This photo was taken at the recent Tiger Stripe football game where each section of the stadium was supposed to wear either black or gold.

My Town #4
The Heidelberg restaurant and bar celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013.  A group of investors initially purchased former Ever Eat Café and renamed it The Old Heidelberg after one of the world’s oldest universities in Germany. It’s a beloved dining tradition among alums located across the street from the journalism school. The original restaurant burned in 2003 but was rebuilt because it holds many nostalgic memories among students and alums alike.

My Town #5
Just off campus is the Missouri Theatre. It’s a concert and theatrical production venue built in 1928, and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s also the town’s only surviving pre-Depression building that housed a movie theatre and vaudeville stage. The theatre was designed after the Paris Opera House and the interior is done in the ornate baroque style of the Louis XIV and XV periods. In addition to offering theatrical productions, it is home to the area’s only professional orchestra, the Missouri Symphony Orchestra.

There’s my five for September. Please make a point to visit PJ’s place and enjoy touring other towns.


11 thoughts on “September Photo Challenge: My Town

  1. Wow the columns… that is so wonderful they kept those… and you took such a beautiful picture of them. The theater especially caught my eye. I used to work at The Virginia Stage Company – an old restored theater that was just gorgeous.

    I really enjoyed your photos!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a wonderful selection of photographs, Lisa! Such a beautiful town you live! LOVE the gothic-inspired architecture in that first photo. Also, being a theater lover, that final photograph made me go, WOW!

    Thanks for sharing your town, my friend. Enjoyed!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So Missouri, eh? 😀 Good ol Mizzou.

    It’s one of those places I always thought would be cool to visit. No particular reason, but for some reason I always thought Missouri would be kind of neat. Maybe it’s because it was always easier to spell than Mississippi?



  4. Thank you for taking the time to include some of the history of your town. It made for a special arm chair travel adventure. That last photo of the theatre? Just wow!


  5. Missouri looks wonderful and has some gorgeous places right in your own town. I live in Ohio but post regularly about my university town. Some people don’t expect the busy activity downtown in a small town.


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