The Spider Who Saved Christmas

Yes, you read the title correctly. It’s a book my mom gave to the grand girls and is a sweet, sweet Christmas story written by New York Times Bestselling Author Raymond Arroyo; with gorgeous illustrations by Randy Gallegos. The story is based on a German or Ukraine folk tale that explains why tinsel is put on Christmas trees. Evidently, spiders play a more major role in Christmas decorating in Eastern Europe.

But this adaptation places Nephila, a cave-dwelling spider, front and center in the story that tells the tale of what happened to Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus after receiving an angelic message they are in danger of being hunted by King Herod’s murderous soldiers in Bethlehem. The family, on the run and desperate for shelter, is risking everything to protect the Christ child entrusted to them. The reality of the story is not one of heavenly angels singing joy to the world; it’s one of challenge, hardship and worry in the darkest of circumstances.

It’s a beautiful story reflecting much of what we are experiencing this Christmas season. Anxiety and worry about the future overshadows everything. People shelter in safe places, isolated, to protect themselves from danger. Fear and uncertainty overwhelm and drive many of our decisions. Dark forces seem to be around every corner.

The story reminds us hope can be found where we least expect it….even in darkness. It renews our faith in the unseen and reinforces there’s a plan going on we may not always realize, understand or appreciate. Obstacles and threats are not removed from the situation in this story, but dealt with by a selfless act from a source from which help would not normally be welcome. It reinforces no matter how small and insignificant we view ourselves, we all have potential to make a difference.

…she was there for a reason.

It’s an enchanting tale that will make you smile and wonder…..just maybe….

Linking up with Thankful Thursday at Brian’s Home. Today I’m thankful for the message of Christmas that there is an inextinguishable light that illuminates and gives clarity in a world filled with darkness, worry and fear. A light that will shine forever in the hearts of those who believe.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. ~John 1:5

In the darkness of 2020, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

8 thoughts on “The Spider Who Saved Christmas

  1. Lisa, do you know what so ironic? I saw something on Fox news AND online about this book several times over the past two weeks. And now you posted about it on your blog! Must be a sign that I need to read it.

    Thank you so much for sharing a briefing of the story, it’s not only beautiful, but seems to have so much insight and wisdom.

    ” It reinforces no matter how small and insignificant we view ourselves, we all have potential to make a difference.”

    I love that!

    Thanks so much for sharing, my friend. Wishing a very Blessed and Merry Belated Christmas to you and your family!

    Light and Love!

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