March Photo Challenge: Eight

In honor of the eight years he’s hosted this photography challenge, PJ’s prompt for March is Eight. Spring may have finally sprung here in middle Missouri and I find it finally tolerable outside again. My mood and attitude is improving since I can look outside at green grass and the beginnings of the earth stirring from it’s winter nap.

Eight #1
Get ready for mud season! Yes, this is what my floors will look like for about another month while winter transitions to spring with the rain. I do mop…occasionally…like when we’re expecting company….but until I get a stretch of days with no rain, it’s pointless. I cropped this for eight muddy paw prints but in reality, there were probably more like eighty-eight on my floor that day. I need to give credit for this idea to Tamara over at Part Time Working Hockey Mom. She saw the photo on my FB and Insta pages and gave me the suggestion. Thanks Tamara!

Eight #2
Eight months ago, July 2020, I was overaggressively painting trim in our house during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, I was rewarded with a wicked case of bursitis in my hips which pretty much stopped me in my tracks. A set of X-rays also showed mild to moderate osteoarthritis in my low back and both hips. After two months of physical therapy and prescription anti-inflammatories, nothing was helping the bursitis. Meanwhile, the pandemic pounds kept piling on because I was not able to expend enough calories in cardio exercise without severely paying for it. So, fast forward eight months. After an appointment for bilateral steroid injections in both hips and I feel like a new woman. Little to no pain and Cabo and I are hitting the pavement again in an attempt to shed those pandemic pounds.

Eight #3
There is a horse farm/stable close to us and every spring I look forward to seeing the babies. This year, we’re up to eight foals so far. It will be fun to watch them grow and play in the pasture over the next few months.

Eight #4
Twix is one year shy of eight years old but has already lost eight teeth. This last one came out while eating lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. She ordered pasta and shrimp, thinking it would be easy to eat with a floppy tooth. Who knew pasta could be so detrimental to loose teeth?

Eight #5
My daffs close to the house are blooming! It’s a high point in my coming-out-of-winter-blues attitude. While I love to see them outdoors, it’s always nice when I can bring a little springtime indoors until it’s time to throw open the windows. Here are eight daffodils to brighten your day like they did mine.

Eight Bonus
And, here’s sort of a bonus shot because I didn’t actually take the photo with my camera. It’s a screenshot from my phone. But, I thought it was applicable since it was only the EIGHTH day of March and the temp was sixty-EIGHT degrees! And the night’s low was only going to be forty-EIGHT degrees. You have no idea how happy that made me after having sub-zero temps s few weeks ago.

There’s my EIGHTS for March. Hope you liked them. Make sure you swing by PJ’s around the first of April to see some more March Eights. This is the eighth year he’s hosted this photo challenge and it’s always open for more friends to join in the fun. It’s an easy challenge. Take photos related to the monthly theme; pick five; post!

11 thoughts on “March Photo Challenge: Eight

  1. Nothing is better than those spring days when the skies are blue, the sun is shining, the temperatures are high enough to make outside a pleasure and doors can be left open to let in some fresh air, early spring flowers are blooming, and life feels so good.

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  2. I’ve never personally had to have steriod injections, however, I know many people who have and they said it was such a blessing. I remember being in a musical one time and one of the actresses had major throat issues right before opening night. Her doctor suggested steriod shots, which immediately allowed her to sing that night. Amazing!

    LOVE that photo of the pony. OMG….how precious!

    Beautiful shots of the daffodils.

    We’ve had warm weather here as well, however, there is cold front coming in for the next few days. Yesterday it was in the high 70’s, yet today it’s 46 and raining.

    Have a grrrrrreat rest of your week, my friend! X

    And Happy April!

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  3. Hahahaha, you went for the paws! Thanks for the shout-out!
    LOVE the baby horsey, so cute.
    Hooray for steroids! Glad you’re pain free just in time to enjoy outdoor spring activities – such as taking pictures!

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  4. So glad you found some relief for your bursitis. What a pain in the ….. (literally) 😉
    I appreciate the daffodil bouquet, because even today in Calgary only a few hard bulbs are adding dots of colour to an otherwise still mostly brown landscape. But it’s clear that spring is just about to spring…perfect timing for May’s theme. Stay well and enjoy your walks with Cabo.

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  5. Great set of photos for the theme. The yearly one with the number is always fun to see what people do. And the tooth.. pasta… interesting. Hope the tooth fairy gave at least $8 … 🙂

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