Running away from winter

Why is she crying?

I won’t let her play in the bathroom sink cabinet.

She needs her Nana.

Yes. She does.


We waited two hours in Cancun, Mexico airport customs for them to arrive. Our escape from the Midwest winter and 20 inches of snow was almost complete. Army Wife and Peanut were to touch down an hour after we did and The Floridian would join us an hour after that for a week in the sun. A week where we could renew, refresh and reconnect with what’s important in life…family. Unfortunately Army Guy was not able to negotiate leave this time…maybe next time.

We ran away to Mexico…for the seventh time. We seem to gravitate south every couple of years for a tropical sun fix. The first time we went, the girls were in elementary school. We never really had a problem taking them out of school for trips. Teachers provided homework to keep them current. And the cultural experience of seeing history up close and personal was invaluable. They’ve learned, first-hand, about Mayan history at the magnificent ruins of Chitzen Itza and Tulum; the rich cultural mix of Puerto Rico; and the fascinating ecosystem of the Everglades and Florida Keys. They’ve tasted authentic cuisine and practiced their Spanish with the locals. We’ve visited historic sites, seen local art and witnessed the lifestyle of people so much different from what we are used to.

But this time, there wasn’t any educational value involved. It was pure relaxation and a time to vegetate from the stress of life. With Internet a bit sketchy in Mexico, I wasn’t able to keep up with you all very well. Now that we’re back, I’m planning a variety of posts to show you how miserable I was without the Internet.

Here are a few obligatory sunset photos. If you remember, I’m not one to see the sun rise on vacation unless it’s rising above the clouds about 10am. But I’m all over sunsets. Here are a few shots taken while sampling some Mexican cuisine.

While spending time in the Caribbean is always a wonderful mental health break, it’s equally nice to come back to the familiar comforts (and amenities) of home.

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