October Photo Blogging Challenge: Fall

PJ’s theme this month is “Fall.” Yes, it’s open to many interpretations and some of those ideas could be deliciously entertaining. But since Autumn is my favorite season, I’m going with the obvious.

1. Pumpkins and Peanutspeanut pumpkin 1
Taken at a local pumpkin festival, this may be my favorite shot of Peanut for the season. Nawwwwww, just kidding……I have many, many more.

2. Autumn Simplicity
Autumn simplicity
While I love the saturated color of a stunning maple tree, I’m equally drawn to the neutrals of the prairie grasses. Against green backdrops, I find their textures simple yet very striking.

3. Sassy seasonal colors
sassafrass tree
This is my sassafras tree. Now, how many people do you know that actually admit to having a sassafras tree in their yard? It’s my favorite tree of color on our property because it never disappoints. I like it best when the leaves are yellow, orange and green at the same time, and look transparent when I shoot up through the branches.

4. Windswept color
swept leaves
These blown leaves could go along with my tangled messy windswept hair, but they look much nicer.

5. Lakeside Luxe
red tree by lake
I really like this shot, but all I had was my cameraphone and it blew out the detail in the clouds. *Sigh*

Well, that’s my Five Fall Fotos. Can you tell I like red? I hope you all enjoyed the season because once November rolls around in a few days, it’ll be a dead run to the Holiday Hoopla finish line…with a little Thanksgiving speed bump in the middle of the ride.

Head on over to PJ’s for a peek at “Fall” 2013.

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12 thoughts on “October Photo Blogging Challenge: Fall

  1. Love all your photos, Lisa!

    ” I’m equally drawn to the neu­trals of the prairie grasses. Against green back­drops, I find their tex­tures simple yet very striking.”

    I agree! The photo and quote are PERFECT!

    Well done, my friend….X


  2. OK, the top shot is absolutely adorable. That’s fantastic. And despite what camera phones do (I hate it, too!), I love that bottom shot. Overall, an excellent set of images for this theme. Nicely done!


  3. Wow! The details you captured on the grass photo are fantastic…I always thought the seeds just dropped off and re-seeding happened that way. This one suggests that wind-borne grass seeds also lend a helping hand.


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