Sunshine and Grey Skies

Be someone’s sunshine when their skies are grey.

There are friends….and then there are Friends. You know the ones I mean.

We all have friends..well, most of us anyway. They’re the people we like to hang with, party with, spend a fun evening with; people we like to chase fun with. They are the ones who are more than willing to celebrate with us during the sunshine moments of our lives.

But friendship is much more than having a group of friends that are fun to be around, or lumping large quantities of acquaintances into a category….contrary to what Facebook would have us believe.

While I have lots of acquaintances, my circle of friends is much smaller. These are the ones who, of course, celebrate sunshine moments….but are first in line when life turns into those gray, Eeyore-ish days. They are the ones who go out of their way to bring joy…and sometimes they don’t even realize it.

One such friend, I’ll call her K, shared with me some iris and rose campion plants when she cleaned out a flower bed last summer. A small gesture of friendship. I accepted the dirty bundles and stuck them in a landscaping problem area where I’ve not been successful, not expecting much to happen. In other words, I forgot about them.

Winter was long and spring has been a bit unsettled for me, mentally and emotionally. The past few months have been challenging, and the last few weeks have left me exhausted on all fronts. My month of May-hem has been true to form.

So imagine my surprise when, one warm spring day, I rounded the corner of the house and saw no less than 10 irises in full bloom, with more on the way. The rose campion plants had taken hold and doubled in size from the scraggly tufts I’d planted in the fall.

And I felt joy. Perhaps for the first time in a very long time. Who would have thought a simple thing like an iris bloom could be an attitude changer?

And the juxtaposition of haphazardly planting these flowers in an area where nothing had successfully grown well in the past (except weeds) did not go unnoticed. Because that’s the beauty of real friendship.

They’re the people in our lives who accept the challenge of being there to offer joy to the problem areas of our lives. They cultivate understanding with grace. They are always there, willing to provide a shoulder on which to cry; an extended hand to pull us up from the abyss; a reassuring embrace that somehow makes us think we can make it through. And the beauty they give to our lives can be an attitude changer.

I am blessed with more than one of these types of friends. They are the women who have stuck with me through many seasons of life. I celebrate in the sunshine with them….and know they will always be there when my skies cloud up and become gray. They know my  strengths and weaknesses. They know my heart.

They are my sunshine.

Playing along with Kelly’s Quotography at The Road Goes Ever On and Lisa’s Life Through the Lens at Simply Living Photography.



11 thoughts on “Sunshine and Grey Skies

  1. Lisa, that iris photograph is stunning – the light you captured is absolutely gorgeous!

    So much of what you shared in this post about real friendship are my own thoughts. “While I have lots of acquaintances, my circle of friends is much smaller.” Same here.

    The quote you shared with your photograph is very similar to something I just recent heard the late, Maya Angelo, say in a video clip I recently watched on You Tube that was entitled, “Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud.” In case you’re interesting, here is the link – – I think you’ll find it very touching.

    Beautiful post, my friend! X

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  2. How lovely, that your almost forgotten plants were there, behind the scenes, gently doing what they do best to bring you surprise joy. It’s a good metaphor for genuine friendship.
    Along just these lines, I just wanted to say again how happy I was that you contacted me the other day to ask how I was. I was at a low ebb and your note was the sunshine in my day.

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  3. I’ve always been grateful for my sunshine friends. I have a daughter that is like that, she is just naturally kind and thoughtful, bringing sunshine with her whenever she comes. Such a nice post today. My neighbors iris are all in bloom this week, they cheered me as a passed by them, she’s getting up in to her upper 80’s but still works hard making those flowers bloom. Have a great week.

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  4. Like you, I have many acquaintances but a small group of friends. When I returned home this weekend I had a beautiful deep purple, almost black, rose waiting for me. My friend had sent it by Oldest to me. (Our sons happen to be best friends…nice to have family friends like that where we are always here for one another.) Anyway, it was a joy so I can only imagine how all those beautiful irises lifted you! I had someone gift me iris bulbs many years ago (probably about 15) and it is still my most beautiful, prolific, and fragrant garden with absolutely no help from me…now that was a wonderful gift…funny thing is I don’t know exactly where they came from other than a friend/ neighbor gave them to my husband when someone had given them to his wife who didn’t want them.

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  5. Ahhhhh Lisa I LOVE this post. Every thing about it, I am a bit speechless thinking about and absorbing your words. So very lovely, and such a gift and blessing you have in your friendship.

    Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens

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