July Photo Challenge: Photographer’s Choice

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July’s prompt was our choice over at PJ’s A ‘lil HooHaa, and I chose Changes for the month’s theme. It seems our family has been in a state of flux for as long as I can remember. So, it seems fitting to have this month’s photo collection reflect the results of the past few years.

Changes #1
Our oldest daughter and family moved back into our house three years ago when her then-husband was discharged from the military and was going to college. If that wasn’t flux enough, she found herself as a single mom soon after Twix was born. Divorce and long-distance visitation schedules added to an already tenuous situation. A change in job opportunities has put her in a better financial position, and she recently bought a house for her and the grandbabykins. With the house came weeks of demo and reno, and she is hoping to move in to “her” place by the middle of August. We are excited for her, but I’m sure the change in our home dynamic will be met with mixed emotions.
new homeowner

Changes #2
What a difference a year makes. Last year, Twix was cautiously optimistic about the pool and everything that goes with it. This year, she is going underwater on her own and splashing Papa every chance she gets. Pool and Popsicle are synonymous words this summer. She has changed into quite the captivating two year old!
twix pool 2016

Changes #3
Peanut has been gone all summer to her father’s house for visitation. Changes…on steroids. Twix went for a couple of weeks and will build up to all summer in the next couple of years. That in itself is change enough, but having no Peanut around is a huge change for us. Peanut’s little corner of our home office sits empty…except when Twix is pilfering through its contents while she’s away. Add to all these changes that she will begin 2nd grade with a new house, new school and new friendship opportunities.
empty desk

Change #4
Our trip to Florida resulted in a change in the landscape around The Golfers’ home. Over the two weeks we were there, we transformed the front and back yards into something more in-keeping with their Florida, beach-y lifestyle.
yard crashsers

Changes #5
Yes, changes are coming to our home. For the past few years, we’ve grown very accustom to having the grandbabykins under our roof. It’s provided us a rare opportunity to create a special relationship with them. I know Peanut will remember the time she spent with us. We’ll continue to provide child-care for Twix during the work week until she goes to preschool, so there will still be time for her to form lasting memories. Even so, the changes that are coming will be bittersweet. But like the caterpillar that leaves its comfort zone to becomes something better, I’m sure these changes are for the best. Although life as we’ve known it the past few years will change….it will be an exciting, new time for everyone.

Be sure to stop over at PJ’s tomorrow, July 30th, to see what others chose for their July theme.

16 thoughts on “July Photo Challenge: Photographer’s Choice

  1. The true constant is change, isn’t it? I think it’s great that your oldest had you to lean on during her difficult times, that you had the opportunity to establish relationships with the grandgirls, and they are moving forward with their lives.

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  2. Bittersweet indeed, but how fortunate you were to have them with you for the time that they were. I am so happy for your oldest. I am sure, things have not been easy for her, and it is so nice to hear that she will have a new home, and a new life.

    You have some very fortunate grandbabykins, in that they were able to spend so much time with you.

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend. xo.

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  3. Lisa, that first photograph of all three girls together is just beautiful!

    Isn’t it something about change? It’s always challenging to move through change, however, it’s also one of those things that teaches us the most. I’m one of those people who LOVES change, but also fears it. The fear that comes with change has been my biggest teacher.

    GORGEOUS flower/butterfly shot….BRAVA!

    Have a super weekend, my friend!

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  4. Letting go is probably the hardest change for me, so I hear you.
    I love that you chose this subject and decided on reflecting on it, though. Thanks for sharing! Hang in there!
    Great shot of the butterfly!

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  5. I want a pool and a popsicle!!!! That looks so refreshing! These are BEATIFUL pictures with even more beautiful descriptions. I enjoyed every one of them. And the doggie? I especially loved the doggie!!! Very similar to my Moon!

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  6. Good choice of topic for your post. It seems that some changes are one-sided, either good or bad. It’s changes that are multi-faceted, like the ones you describe, that I think provide the best opportunities for reflection and personal growth. Looking forward to reading about the next chapter for all of you. And on top of the introspective writing, your photos are awesome too! Well done!

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  7. What a fantastic post – a subject that, if we’re honest, terrifies us all when we first hear the word change. Even good changes can be scary and I’m sure will leave you with lots of mixed emotions but so many great memories and a foundation for the rest of your grandbabykins lives – they are all very lucky to have you.

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  8. You had a great set of pictures for this month. And every once in a while when I am going around visiting everybody in the challenge, the words and the photos combined reallyshow some emotion for the situation at hand.

    Your first picture, as simple as some may think it might be when first looking at it, is a really powerful image. The hands with the key in the middle are the start. But when one reads the words you wrote and then looks at the photo, it’s so much more. You see a beautiful woman and her children with happiness and so much ahead of them. That picture on its own probably gets smiles, but with the words, it gets much more.

    Great job this month. That might be, mixed with the words, my favorite photo of the challenge for the month.

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  9. Big changes for you, but I’m happy for your daughter. That has got to feel good to get to the point where she has a house of her own. Awesome! I’m sure your house will feel very empty for a while after they go, but we human beings are resilient and quick to adapt to changes in our lives.


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